Professional Advisory Council

Professional Advisory Council

The purpose of the PAC shall be, without limitation, to work with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Architecture (“the College”) to advise and support the College in order to enable the College to accomplish its mission and achieve its goals and to enhance communication between the College and the professional associations.

The College’s mission is to provide a high quality education, engage in high quality scholarship and creative endeavors, and engage in the greater community with the College’s expertise in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and planning. The College’s goals are to foster a cooperative and intellectually rigorous learning community; to attract, retain, educate, and support a talented student body; to attract, retain, develop, and support a talented faculty; to attract, retain, develop and support a talented staff, to provide opportunities for lifelong professional development; to provide a high-quality infrastructure; to use it expertise to serve its alumni, the professional associations, and the public; and to spread the story of the College’s success nationally and internationally.

College of Architecture Professional Advisory Council 
Last Updated June 2016

Bachman, Merle 
(Retired) President, HDR Architecture, Inc. 
Omaha, NE

Bucholz, Frederick S.
Plastilite Corporation
Omaha, NE 

Chastain, Thomas
AIA, Principal 
Studio Urbis
Berkeley, CA 

Ciaccio, David J.
ASLA, Principal
Omaha, NE  

Cunningham, Rick
Senior Project Director
Planning and Urban Design
Alexandria, VA

Dalluge, Charles
President & CEO
DLR Group
Phoenix, AZ

Davenport, Griff
AIA, Managing Principal
DLR Group
Minneapolis, MN

Douglass, Robert
Georgetown, TX 

Hallock, Dale
AIA, Managing Principal
DLR Group
Omaha, NE

Hammerlun, Jerry
Georgetown, TX

Howlett, David
Executive Vice President & Principal 
Price Howlett, Inc.
Denver, CO

Keelan, Timothy
Hanna: Keelan Associates, P.C.
Lincoln, NE

Killinger, Scott
AIA, Principal
Kuang Xing International
Flourtown, PA & Beijing, China

Kissel, JoAnne D.
The Clark Enersen Partners, Inc.
Lincoln, NE

Kodet, Jr., Edward
FAIA, President, Principal-in-Charge
Kodet Architectural Group, Ltd.
Minneapolis, MN

Landis, David
Urban Development Department
Lincoln, NE

Larsen, Kim
AIA, Associate, Project Manager
RSP Architects
Minneapolis, MN

Mueting, Robert J.
AIA, ASLA, Principal
RJM Design Group, Inc.
San Juan Capistrano, CA

Novak, Chad
AIA, Principal
H + L Architecture
Denver, CO

Ronis, Valdis
AIA, NCARB, Director 
Perkowitz+Ruth Architects
Reston, VA

Royster, John
ASLA, President & CEO 
Big Muddy Workshop, Inc.
Omaha, NE

Savage, Jack
AIA, (Retired) Founding Principal
The Architectural Offices 
Tekamah, NE

Schluntz, Roger
FAIA, Professor and Former Dean
School of Architecture & Planning
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM

Scott, Robert
Lincoln, NE

Seacrest, Kent
Seacrest & Kalkowski, PC, LLO
Lincoln, NE

Sova, John
AIA, Principal 
RDG Planning & Design
Omaha, NE

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210 Architecture Hall
Lincoln NE 68588-0106
( On-campus, 2-9233 )