Architecture Hall


The College is headquartered in Architecture Hall. Constructed in the early 1890s and placed into service as the University Library in 1894, Architecture Hall is the oldest and most distinctive of the occupied structures on the University’s City Campus. All facilities of this unique and historic complex are located within the southwestern fine arts quadrant of the campus, with convenient access to the Lincoln central business district for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

The facilities of the College of Architecture underwent a $4.4 million renovation and remodeling project, which connected two existing buildings with a glass atrium in 1987. This 91,000 square foot complex comprises classrooms; design and planning studios; computer, media, and shop facilities; Architecture Library; exhibit spaces; and other ancillary facilities. Architecture Hall provides students and faculty with one of the finest facilities in the nation for the study of architecture, design, and community and regional planning, and landscape architecture.

Architecture Hall

Architecture Hall is the visible manifestation of an architectural tradition that has served Nebraska for over a hundred years. The College of Architecture’s programs in architecture, interior design, and community and regional planning have a proud tradition of excellence in education, research, and service to the State of Nebraska and the nation.

Today, the College of Architecture is a busy and exciting place. Some 650 students are enrolled in classes, learning from a faculty of 38 to explore the past, present and future of our communities. From gallery displays and provocative seminars to the quiet of the library and the bustle of the design studio, the College of Architecture is hard at work serving both its students and the community.