From The Dean

From The Dean

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Architecture is an exciting place to start your story! Located in the middle of the Great Plains, the College considers itself the center for creativity.

The College has established a learning environment where we support young designers – architects, interior designers and landscape architects. We help our students develop creative confidence - the freedom and courage to take creative risks and the knowledge and skills to distinguish that all of the ideas created have value. Skilled professionals who possess creative confidence help craft built environments that are ecologically sustainable and resilient, prosperous and fair, healthy, and beautiful.

Building creative confidence over four-years begins with a common first year, where all incoming students study design thinking, history and theory, drawing and computing techniques and design-making. Equipped with fundamental design knowledge and skills, students then select a discipline and spend their next two years learning and practicing discipline specific expertise in design studios, lectures, seminars, field trips, undergraduate research, community-based projects and service organizations. Minors, study abroad and internships are offered to enrich and broaden the student’s experience. Finally, in their fourth year, students are prepared to work in interdisciplinary teams to address unprecedented global challenges creatively.

We invite you to join the University of Nebraska’s College of Architecture where you can help forge a new vision for an exciting, sustainable future.

Our graduates in architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture are equipped with a spirit of entrepreneurialism and innovation – the willingness to live with risk and uncertainty, adapt to and embrace change, and recognize being a life-long learner is key to their long-term success.

Kim Wilson, Interim Dean, Professor, and Program Director Landscape Architecture, Community and Regional Planning