Katherine Ankerson, IDEC, NCARB

Brief Vitae

M.S. in Architecture, Washington State University
B.Arch., Washington State University
B.S.A.S., Washington State University

Professional practice since 1979. Teaching since 1987 (1987-1994 at Washington State University; 1994-1996 at Radford University) in design studios, construction documents, systems integration, professional practice, and evolving issues in the design field. Katherine joined the faculty in 1996.

Areas of Interest

Her interests primarily follow two paths. The exploration and incorporation of digital processes in teaching and learning about design has resulted in numerous publications and presentations. This exploration weaves a thread through her approach to education, whether regarding design process in studio, lecture, or seminar courses.

Additionally, the translations of research into health and healthcare design and applied to aging-in-place is an ongoing endeavor.


Katherine Ankerson has published two books on CD-Rom, and accompanied by printed workbooks. The digital format includes seamless integration of process (in animated forms) with text.

Elements of Interior and Lightframe Construction (2003). Fairchild Publications, Inc.

Interior Construction Documents (2003). Fairchild Publications, Inc.

Ankerson co-authored and developed the animated integral learning and demonstration tools for the publication:

Foundations of Interior Design (2005). Fairchild Publications, Inc.

With co-author, Jill Pable (Florida State University), Ankerson wrote:

Interior Design: Practical Strategies for Teaching and Learning (2008). Fairchild Publications, Inc.

Katherine Ankerson

Katherine Ankerson
Associate Dean - College of Architecture
Professor - Interior Design
210 Architecture Hall
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68588-0106
(402) 472-0243