Chris Ford

Brief Vitae

M.Arch, North Carolina State University, 1998
B.A. in Arch, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, 1995

Upon graduating from North Carolina State University, Chris joined the New York office of Richard Meier & Partners where he assisted the design development of several international competition entries and commissions. Specific projects include a new corporate headquarters for Canon in Tokyo, Japan, the Cittadella Bridge in Alessandria, Italy, and a new NATO headquarters competition in Brussels, Belgium. The majority of Chris' tenure was spent in assisting the development, documentation and construction administration of the 173 / 176 Perry Street residential towers located in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village.

Chris briefly worked for Rick Joy Architects in Tucson AZ as both an architectural project manager and construction manager for a 5,000sf private residence in Tucson’s Pima Canyon neighborhood.

In 2003, Chris joined Rob Paulus Architect Ltd., also based in Tucson. Chris assisted the development of the Ice House Lofts condominium project and managed projects including Barrio Metalico, Shipman Art Studio, St. Andrews Gospel Hall and Orange Row. While an Associate with RPA, Chris was also an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Arizona, School of Architecture.

In Fall 2005, Chris joined the University of Nebraska College of Architecture where he has taught (13) different courses across our undergraduate and graduate Architecture curricula. He is a former coordinator of the Architecture Internship program, a past President of the Larsen Tractor Museum, and was the 2008-2010 Steward Professor in Sustainable Design for his funded research project titled "REIs: Renewable Energy Infrastructures." Chris currently serves on the university’s Research Council and Faculty Senate. Chris has established plural interests in the subjects of Infrastructure, Design Methodology and modern Craft and maintains these interests through teaching, funded research, and scholarship. In Spring 2013, Chris will be coordinating the London Program, a design-centric UNL College of Architecture education abroad experience now in its 43rd consecutive year.

Areas of Interest

Infrastructure Design
Design Methodology
The Architect as Developer



REIs: Renewable Energy Infrastructures
2009 Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research (NCESR)

REIs: Renewable Energy Infrastructures
2009 AIA Upjohn Research Initiative

REIs: Renewable Energy Infrastructures
2008-2010 Steward Professorship in Sustainable Design


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2012 Biannual National Conference, Design Communication Association
Stillwater OK
October 2012

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2nd International Conference on Design Education
Sydney AUS
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Presented and published in the proceedings from "ECO-Architecture III"
Wessex Institute of Technology
La Coruna, Spain
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Presented and published in the proceedings from "MADE: Design Education & The Art of Making"
2010 National Conference on the Beginning Design Student
Charlotte NC
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Presented and published in the proceedings from "Seeking the City:"
2008 ACSA Annual Meeting
Houston TX
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"Barrio Metalico: A Modern Alternative for Tucson AZ"
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2005 ACSA Southeast Regional Meeting
Clemson SC
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"The Gap and Its Effect on Architectural Education"
Presented and published in the proceedings from Finishing School: 2003 ACSA Southeast Regional Meeting
Tampa FL
October 2003

Chris Ford