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College Of Architecture

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Wood Shop

Wood Shop

The architecture shop is located in room 26, Architecture Hall West. It is a large, well-equipped space where students can make projects in wood, plastic and metal. The shop is staffed by an expert technician to assist students with technical problems. In addition to the shop facility, there is a paint booth located in room 330, Architecture Hall West, adjacent to the studios for easy accessibility. Spray painting is only permitted in this booth. The use of spray paint in other areas of the building is strictly prohibited.


  1. Because of the dangers associated with the chemicals used in treated woods in confined spaces, we will now ban their use in the shop.
  2. Because of the potential damage to the shop equipment, before wood can be worked using the shop equipment all wood must be dry and free of fastening devices (nails, screws, et cetera).
  3. Because of the dust problems created with the use of MDF special effort must be made to clean up immediately after working. This includes sweeping up immediately after cutting and when sanding utilize a partner with a shop vac to suck in the dust generated by this operation.
  4. Because of the toxic fumes generated in the welding process of metal that has been galvanized we will no longer allow the welding of galvanized material in the shop.
  5. Students will now be required to leave their student ID with the shop staff with the check up of any shop equipment.
  6. Check out of clamps will no longer be allowed without special permission from the chair.
  7. The door to the shop should be kept shut when not used for egress to prevent the spread of dust into the corridor outside the shop.