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The College and Programs have, through the generosity of the alumni and friends of the College, developed a significant array of scholarship and award opportunities for its students. The majority of these scholarships are awarded by the College and Program committees annually at the end of the academic year for the following year. Additional information about these scholarships can be obtained through the College Office (472-9233).

Pre-Professional Scholarships
Architectural Foundation of Nebraska Scholarship
Awarded to high school students participating in the College of Architecture’s “Exploring a Career in Architecture” program. Recipients must enroll in the College of Architecture at UNL.
College of Architecture Alumni Association Scholarship Fund
To incoming students enrolled in or intending to enroll in the College of Architecture. Based on outstanding academic performance and the potential for success in their chosen career field.
David & Terrie Irvin Student Scholarship
To incoming freshman students who have demonstrated academic excellence and are majoring in Architecture and/or Interior Design at UNL or UNO.
H.F. Cunningham Scholarship Fund for Excellence
To incoming freshman students who have demonstrated academic excellence and qualify as an "honors" student.
Professor Dale Gibbs Honor Scholarship
To enhance current efforts to recruit and retain outstanding young scholars. It is awarded to full-time undergraduate and graduate students in the Architecture program.

Professional Scholarships
AIA Nebraska Architectural Excellence Scholarship
To a 3rd year student, who has graduated from a Nebraska High School, currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Design at UNL.
AIA Nebraska Cultural Diversity/Gender Equity Scholarship
To a 3rd year student qualified based on his/her minority/diversity status.
AIA Nebraska Cultural Exploration
To 4th or 5th year student with the intent of giving a once in a lifetime hands on experience into how the study of Architecture is directly tied to the cultural and natural environment.
Alley Poyner Architecture Student Excellence Fund
Candidates must have junior class standing and above, majoring in Architecture and have demonstrated financial need.
Benjamin F., Paul F. & Joellen Pokorny Hemphill Memorial Scholarship
To students entering the professional architecture program who have demonstrated strong interest and a recorded scholastic achievement in the study of humanities.
Nebraska/Iowa Chapter of ASID Interior Design Scholarship Fund
Full-time interior design undergraduate students on the Lincoln or Omaha campus. Must be in the 3rd year, candidates of high ability, and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0.
Bahr Vermeer Haecker Historical Preservation Architecture Fund
For students interested in historic preservation within each of our programs. Student must be at least a 3rd year student or above with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
Clark Enersen Partners Student Travel Scholarship Fund
To full time enrolled undergraduate and/or graduate students interested in pursuing their education through study abroad programs.
College of Architecture Student Support Fund
To benefit and support students within the College of Architecture by alumni supporting the college.
Dana & DLR Scholars Fund
For students who have professional program standing, graduate standing or professional "fellows" standing. Students shall display a high potential for future professional ability.
Darrell D. Rippeteau Scholarship for Architecture and Business Management
Awarded to students who have matriculated in the professional program of architecture. To encourage and enhance the College’s attention to the principles and methods of business.
Douglas J. Thom Memorial Scholarship
To full-time students, completing 2nd year architectural studies who have demonstrated exceptional promise for residential and personal design services.
Gary Lee Hansen Recognition Award
Awarded to professional program students who demonstrate exceptional promise for a successful career in architecture.
George E. Clayton Scholarship Fund
To regularly enrolled students from rural areas, whose professional goals include the practice of architecture in small and rural communittees.
George Ralph Unthank, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
To an architecture student who graduated from a Nebraska High School and has proven ability and shows promise in their chosen field.
HDR/Gary A. Spring Memorial Scholarship
To an enrolled undergraduate student in the Architecture program, completing their 3rd year of study with a cumulative GPA of 3.0, submitting a statement of interest and experience and a portfolio.
Herold W. Seng Memorial Scholarship in Architecture
To an outstanding 3rd or 4th year undergraduate student.
James A. Murphy Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to College of Architecture students interested in writing and/or literature.
Joseph D. Vaccaro Scholarship Fund
To undergraduate students who have demonstrated academic excellence and are majoring in Architecture at UNL or UNO.
Lavonne and James Clark Independent Grocer Community Planning & Design Fund
To provide support for the CRP program to undertake a planning and design study in the Nebraska communities of Henderson, Crete, Hamilton County or Clay County.
Laurence & Peg Black Student Scholarship Fund
To regularly enrolled undergraduate or graduate students majoring in Architecture.
Leo A. Daly Architectural Traveling Scholarship
Provides students the opportunity to broaden their architectural horizons by international travel and study.
Mary E. Roelfs Scholarship
Awarded to full-time undergraduate students in the architecture program.
Nebraska Concrete Masonry Association Architectural Scholarship
For 4th year students in the Architecture program who have created the best architectural design involving the use of concrete masonry units.
Nebraska Concrete Aggregate Association Scholarship
For undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in working with concrete materials.
Robert David Hayes Student Travel Fund
To support one or more students participating in the London Program with senior or graduate class standing.
Ron & Judy Hess Traveling Scholarship Fund
To undergraduate or graduate students participating in the London Program.
Sinclair Hille Architects Scholarship Fund
Scholarship for candidates in 3rd year who have interest in landscape architecture.
South Dakota Society of American Institute of Architects Scholarship
Five Hundred dollars awarded annually to students in the professional program who are residents of South Dakota. Nominees must be of good character and show above average scholarly ability.

Graduate Scholarships
AIA Nebraska W. Cecil Steward, FAIA – Architectural Excellence Scholarship
To a current 5th-year Graduate student; must be either a Nebraska High School graduate or a current Nebraska resident.
AIA/AAF Foundation Scholarships
Awarded annually to students enrolled in the Master of Architecture program in cooperation with the American Institute of Architects’ national scholarship program.
Angelina Brito Mutunayagam Memorial Fellowship Fund
For students enrolled in the graduate program of CRP.
Architecture Faculty Scholarship
To outstanding students entering or enrolled in the architecture program, undergraduate and professional level, by the faculty.
Charles A. Wilscam Jr. Student Excellence Fund
For one or more graduate or doctoral students in the College of Architecture with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above; exhibits the ‘best’ of profession in character.
Hemphill Memorial Scholarship Fund
Awarded to students entering the graduate program in architecture who have demonstrated strong interest and a record of scholastic achievement in the study of humanities.
H + L Architecture Student Excellence Fellowship Fund
To recognize a student who exemplifies excellence in their studies. There is also a summer internship available to this student.
J. A. Shneider Fund
To two students who have a GPA or 3.0 or above and who have received a Bachelors degree in a field other than Architecture and are pursuing a professional Masters degree in Architecture.
Nebraska Glass Association Competition Fund
For regularly enrolled students in the Architecture program who participate in a design competition for the use of glass.
W. Cecil Steward, Sustainable Architecture Scholarship
To 6th year students demonstrating a proficiency in cost effective and sustainable design methods.
Roger L. Schutte Student Excellence Fund
To one or more graduate or doctoral students with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above who demonstrate the best of the profession in character.
Yankee Hill Brick and Tile Architectural Competition
To winners of a design competition to students in the first year of the Master of Architecture program.

Alpha Rho Chi Medal
Awarded to a member of the Master of Architecture graduating class who excels in leadership.
Tau Sigma Delta Bronze Medal
Presented by the UNL Psi Chapter of Tau Sigma Delta to a graduating student in the M.Arch program recognizing distinguished achievement in the study of architecture.
Henry Adams Medal and Certificate of the American Institute of Architects
Awarded to the top two graduating students from the professional program who have the best scholarship record in the study of architecture.
Harry F. Cunningham Bronze Medal
Granted each year to the outstanding terminal project of the graduating class of the M. Arch program.
College of Architecture Alumni Association Outstanding Students Award
Recognition will be awarded annually to graduating students in the BSD, M.Arch, and MCRP programs. Students are selected on the basis of scholastic achievement and personal development.
Nebraska Society, American Institute of Architects Award
Granted each year to graduates from the professional program for meritorious achievement and professional promise.
Faculty Achievement Awards
Granted each year to graduating seniors in the BSD program for scholastic achievement and progress in the areas of Architecture and Interior Design.

Financial Aid

The University Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid administers a variety of federal and state financial assistance programs for students who qualify based upon need, as well as the University’s scholarship program for students with exceptional academic talent and ability. To apply for financial aid it is not necessary to request a specific grant or form of aid. The Office will assist the student in finding the right combination of scholarships and need-based assistance.

Office of Scholarship & Financial Aid
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
P.O. Box 880411, Lincoln, NE
Or call 1 (800) 742-8800 or
(402) 472-2030

UCare Program

The Undergraduate Creative Activities & Research Experiences (UCARE) program, supported by the Office of Undergraduate Studies and funded by the Pepsi Endowment and Program of Excellence Funds, creates intellectual partnerships between UNL faculty and undergraduates by providing funds for research. For more information on projects and funding please go to their website