The calendar is full with the many activities and events planned for these last few weeks of the spring semester. One to which a significant amount of time and effort is devoted from students and faculty alike is Dead Week, which could also be called Final Review Week for the Architecture Program. Students in studios at all levels within the program will be focusing on presentations - completing drawings and models this week in order to put their best work forward for the critiques scheduled for April 25-27. Outside critics are invited to the college to interact and engage with the students and faculty as a part of this process. This year, the following are participating in the Final Reviews for the Architecture Program:

BENJAMIN SMITH is the director of graduate architecture and assistant professor of architecture in the Tulane School of Architecture. Ben is a scholar, designer and educator whose work locates advanced practices for architecture. His recent scholarship, which has been featured nationally and internationally, has centered on the disciplinary evolution of architecture through institutional and pedagogical developments in education.

RICHARD YOO holds a Masters of Architecture from Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCIArc) and Bachelors of Art from Art Institute of Chicago. Richard currently teaches at Pratt Institute in New York City.

JULES DINGLE, AIA is a principal of DIGSAU and has taught design studios at Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Design and has served as a guest critic and lecturer at numerous design schools. He gained his M.Arch from the University of California, Berkeley and B.Arch from University of Notre Dame.

SCRAP MARSHALL is adjunct faculty at Woodbury University and formerly unit 6 tutor at the Architectural Association. His work includes numerous projects and exhibitions in collaboration with Berenika Boberska as well as work in practice with The Walker Workshop in Los Angeles.

Be sure to allow yourself some time next week to see and hear what the students, faculty and critics have to share at the final review critiques. See you there!

-Sharon Kuska