Welcome to the 2017-2018 academic year! It is a season of fresh beginnings, full of new opportunities and exciting challenges. We hope you have a positive approach from day one as you are taking those steps to get you closer and closer to reaching your goals (and graduation).

As those steps take you into Architecture Hall this fall, you will see some new faces and hear some new voices. In the Architecture program, we welcome two new tenure-track assistant professors: Ellen Donnelly and David Newton. They will be playing an active role teaching in the third and fourth year studios while expanding their research, scholarship and creative activities through their lecture and seminar courses.

Our dual Hyde Chair professors, Nathalie Frankowski and Cruz Garcia from WAI Architecture Think Tank, will also be supplementing the curriculum at both the undergraduate and graduate levels with their experimental education and avant-garde design backgrounds. (WAI stands for What About It?) Topics introduced by WAI into the curriculum include: Landscapes Without Qualities, Archaeology of Architectural Media: Image and Manifesto, Image as Manifesto, The Campus of Easy Parts and Tales of the Black Square: Strategies of Universalism after Suprematism.

In addition, we have a host of new and returning full- and part-time lecturers excited to share their expertise and professional experiences with students at all levels. An example and making a full-time commitment to the Architecture program this year is newcomer Marc Maxey, a lecturer enthused at having the opportunity to interact with students through studio instruction in each of the undergraduate years.

As we begin this new semester, let’s make a concentrated effort to take positive steps to affect positive change. Try to become truly engaged and focus on constructive outcomes.

- Sharon Kuska