Last Wednesday, Katja Rinderspracher gave an informative talk on the ground-breaking work she and her students are doing in digital fabrication at the University of Stuttgart. The Lunch ‘n Learn was brought to us by alumnus, Benjamin Kroll, of RDG Planning & Design in Omaha. I was happy to see not only a respectable showing of students and faculty, but also a good handful of professional architects from firms like BVH Architecture in Lincoln. I hope to see more professionals at our events and will continue to nurture the connection between pedagogy and practice our program holds so dear.

In this spirit, I would like to support the AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students) and encourage you to learn more about it. To that end, I have the pleasure to introduce you to AIAS president, Grant Moehlenhoff, who describes the organization as follows:

“AIAS is a student organization that empowers voices, ideas and actions for the future of the profession by advancing leadership, design and service among architecture students. It is the only student organization with a direct connection to the professional practice of architecture which gives students the opportunity to meet and network with architectural professionals. This organization is the fast-track to landing internships and jobs. This year we are looking for underclassmen students who are interested in becoming more involved in the College of Architecture and who would like to step up by taking on a leadership position within the AIAS.

The AIAS is off to a great start this year! Last week, we took 20 members to tour local design firms here in Lincoln and both tours were fantastic opportunities to network with professionals as well as learn about design projects within the community.

On Thursday October 25th, the AIAS will hold our Haunted House Fall event at 7:30 pm in the Gallery. This is an exciting event that is open to anyone and everyone to experience, as well as a great opportunity for our members to collaborate and design across all grade levels! If you are interested in helping create, set-up, scare, or tear-down this event, please email

To learn more about the AIAS, stop by our next general meeting on Wednesday October 3rd, at noon in the Corral!”

The AIAS is open to all disciplines and grade levels, and as Grant says, the organization “welcomes anyone who is interested in connecting to the professional practice of architecture, as well as anyone who wants to have fun!” Indeed, it will surely prove to be a formative part of your extracurricular experience at UNL.

-Sarah Deyong & Grant Moehlenhoff