Architecture Program News

The College of Architecture in partnership with SGH Concepts and Dri-Design, has established a student scholarship competition for the fourth-year, undergraduate, architectural design studios. The scholarship recognizes student projects exemplifying outstanding design investigation, resolution and significance. This opportunity brings together aspiring architects and industry leaders to advance disciplinary knowledge of design, materiality and innovation.

Following the end-of-semester review, one project from each studio is selected to compete for the SGH Concepts and Dri-Design Scholarship. These projects are presented to an external jury who are all established practitioners in their fields. A finalist is chosen for producing and communicating a comprehensive architectural project that is a result of design decisions at different scales. To be successful, students demonstrate a high degree of professional dedication, rigor, open-mindedness and resourcefulness. Projects are rigorously developed and clearly communicate the breadth and depth of investigation.

Student Reflection from Ben Kunz, spring 2017 finalist, “The SGH + Dri-Design competition has had ongoing benefits to me as a student by exposing both the college and me to a local and national architecture community. The competition celebrates areas of architecture often overlooked in the academic realm by engaging industry sponsors that foster an understanding of the parts and roles of the wall section and building assemblies.”

Student Reflection from Rachel McCown, spring 2018 finalist, “The SGH + Dri-Design scholarship opportunity encouraged a competitive spirit which led to some of the best work in my portfolio. The student work gets better and better each year because we continue to push each other to be the best. The fostering and encouragement from faculty and students of this kind is truly invaluable.”

As of this spring, $60,000, $10,000 annually, has been donated to the Architecture Program, thirty-four finalist have been identified and sixteen scholarships have been awarded. Additionally, the student work from this semester has received eleven national and six state awards.

If you are interested in seeing the finalist projects please view the digital booklets here

Have a great week! –David Karle