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Hi, I’m Lindsay Meyer, a third-year interior design student studying at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I’m from Sabetha, Kansas, and I’m going to share with you one of my passions, design - through my eyes, the eyes of a student!

I decided to go into interior design because I come from a family involved in multiple areas of construction and design, which inspired me to consider interior design from a young age. I’ve always been inclined to creative and problem-solving endeavors, and interior design meshes those into a career that enables me to do what I love. Being creative while making a positive impact on the lives of others through design is so rewarding! So come along and follow me though my educational journey this year!


My studio just got back from the windy city! Chicago was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. Our studio had the opportunity to visit the Merchandise Mart, where we visited several furniture manufacturers. Getting to see, and sit in, the furniture we spec was an awesome experience! We also toured Perkins and Will and presented our studio project at Gensler. Visiting the firms provided a great networking opportunity and gave us a chance to see several different firms styles. It was also a great experience to present at Gensler and hear feedback from professionals working in the field. Another favorite part of the trip was our visit to the Art Institute of Chicago with our history of interiors professor. I think the best way to have a history lecture is standing in front of the very things we are learning about and seeing them in person!

Feb. 05

It’s amazing this semester is moving so quickly! This week in my professional practice class we had the opportunity to visit the Capitol Building and have professional headshots taken there. That is just one of the benefits of being a student member of a professional organization while in college!

I have the privilege of being on the Nebraska/Iowa Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) student chapter exec team this year. I am enjoying working with the other students on exec and collaborating with the professional organizations to provide activities for our student members. It’s a great networking opportunity and an amazing opportunity for service to my fellow students as well. ASID and IIDA have some fun events planned, so stay tuned for those, especially ASID’s Rockin the Runway coming up in the next few days, so stay tuned!

Jan. 28

Another week has gone by, and my classes are well underway! In my graphic design studio, which I am taking as part of my product design minor, we have completed our first project already! In my interior design studio, we are wrapping up research and preparing to move into the next phase of design. One of my favorite parts of research for this project was making a drawdel of the site and surrounding area to explore the site conditions. The ability for passersby to view the building is going to be an important aspect for the design, so I’ve begun to map that in order to gain a better understanding of prime viewing locations.

I’m excited to keep working on the project and see how this information, as well as other research, will inform the design going forward!

Jan. 16

Another semester is off to a busy start! I am taking five classes this semester, and as I look at the course schedules I am confident there won’t be a dull moment on the blog! It’s looking to be a very engaging semester! This week in studio we are diving into research for our first project. It is exciting to have a real site to work with right here in Lincoln. One of my favorite parts about this community is that people are so willing to volunteer spaces for us to work with. The studio has already had the privilege of visiting the site and verifying measurements. Visiting a site in person is very valuable, and it helps me get a sense of the personality of a space and its surrounding environment, which is important in order to design within the context. I am excited to explore the possibilities of this unique site. It is going to be a lot of fun!

Dec. 4

The college has been a bustling place this week! In construction documents, we updated redlines and finalized our document set. Correcting redlines might seem like a boring task, but I learned so much about construction drawings and making sure that my drawings are clear, and it’s very satisfying to highlight over all the red marks!

This week is officially our final crit week, which is a fun time to be in the building because there is lots of student work pinned up. While the end of the semester is always stressful, it’s also a lot of fun to see everyone’s final projects. My studio review is coming up the end of this week, so I’ll be making last minute preparations for that over the next few days. Stay tuned!

Nov. 12

Empathy Exercise

Last week in our Construction Documents class, we had the opportunity to experience Architecture Hall in a wheelchair. The building was built before ADA was implemented, and the exercise really helped me understand why it is so critical to be aware! Even things like getting a drink, pinning up papers, using the elevator, and getting through doorways can be quite challenging.

It is incredibly difficult to maneuver the built environment in a wheelchair, especially if a building only meets the minimum code. Universal design is vital, especially to me as a designer because being able to empathize will help me design better environments.

I really enjoyed this learning experience and learned that even the minimum ADA requirements do not actually mean an easily accessible building!

Nov. 7

Yesterday, I spent several hours in the woodshop working on our next materials project. The woodshop is such a therapeutic environment to me! Even though my partner and I are working on a time crunch to finish our model, I was happy to be in the shop, smelling sawdust and working on the model. We have been working at Innovation Studio on Nebraska’s Innovation Campus. I am enjoying the partnership our materials class has with Innovation Studio, the creative atmosphere is definitely inspiring! Our model is a small portion of a material display we designed for a multi-story reception area. It has been fun to see how our design has evolved from our initial study models to what we are actually making. Stay tuned as we wrap up this project in the next few days, a little more time in the shop and we should be ready for review!

Oct. 29

It’s hard to believe that studio mid-review is here already! The week of a review is always crazy as we try to gather our design ideas in a cohesive way that communicates the spirit of our designs.

It is so rewarding to curate our work and receive feedback. We enjoyed having professionals and professors review our work and give feedback for this review, which is so helpful! Other people always have great insight!

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Talking through the design with others brings fresh perspectives and new ideas to the table that always make projects better. I’m looking forward to implementing the feedback I received into my space going forward, I know the feedback will strengthen my design. I think mid-review is one of the most valuable critiques we have because the valuable feedback we receive can be implemented into our projects in time for the final review. It is also fun to see everyone’s work presented, it also renews my creative energy!

More studio progress will be forthcoming as we dive into the next phase of design, so stay tuned!

Oct 24

Fall in Lincoln is always beautiful, and this one is no exception! I have been enjoying the fall colors even though it’s been a busy week. Along with studying for several tests, I have been preparing for my upcoming mid-crit in studio. I’ve been having fun with my material selections for the space, a social wellness center designed to integrate elders and children to interact and play together. [Image 1]

The ASID and IIDA student chapters have also begun preliminary work for the Starry Nights Christmas tree. Our theme for this year’s tree is inspired by the making process, and we are already busy making ornaments. More beautiful photos will be forthcoming as we get busy decorating! [Image 2]

In materials, we have started a new project that I’m very excited about! It’s still in the early stages, but we are exploring new materials to make a display wall. These photos so our preliminary ideas, it’ll be exciting to see them take shape in the next several days. [Image 3]

Keep your eye out for more progress on these projects, there will be more images in the near future!

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Oct. 18

Material Focus

What a week! Fall break was a very refreshing time and allowed for some reflection on recently completed projects. Our first materials project is officially completed, and if you follow UNL Architecture on Instagram, you may have seen a few photos already!

Images 1.1-1.3

The intent of the project was to filter light to draw attention to one of the statues in the Link in Architecture Hall. The project was fun to create, and we enjoyed drawing the connections to the statue during our review.

Images 2.1-2.2

I love seeing my classmates’ projects when we have reviews because I learn so much from my them. One of my classmates’ projects used resin as a light filtering material, and I was able to watch them cast it over the last few weeks. They’ve inspired me to think about new ways of modeling and building, which is one of the unique parts of our collaborative learning environment!

Images 3.1-3.2

In my textile science class, we have been learning about weave structures. We even got to make our own looms to practice making different weave structures ourselves. Learning about weave structures is equipping me to make informed textile choices as an interior designer, and is a lot of fun too! It is exciting to make connections between what we are learning in different classes and to draw those connections to my future as an interior designer as well. It makes everything I do relevant and inspiring!

Images 4.1-4.2

Learning happens in so many ways in this college. Sensitile Systems offered a webinar lunch and learn, which was very interesting. After the presentation, I decided I want to use a Sensitile material in my current studio project! Stay tuned for details, I’m excited to see how I can utilize it to achieve my design goals!

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Until next time!

Oct 9

A Place and an Event

After explaining studio to a friend of mine recently, she commented to me that studio sounded like both a place and an event. I think that’s a perfect way to sum it up!

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Just like studio the class, studio the place is a critical element of my education. For me, it is home base throughout the day. One of my favorite parts of having a lot of classes in Architecture Hall is being able to swing by studio in between them to work on homework and chat with my studio mates. I use my studio space to work on many things besides studio class work, and you’ll almost always find me there with a cup of tea!

Studio the class has been a whirlwind of activity this week as we moved through schematic design. It’s exciting to see everyone’s ideas begin to take shape! We’ve been learning about healthcare specific furniture systems through product representatives who have visited our studio. An OFS rep came to visit last week and shared some very helpful information. I love seeing how we as interior designers can partner with companies like OFS and many others to achieve design goals on behalf of a client!

Even though I spent a lot of time in studio this week, I had the chance to head out of Lincoln over the weekend with the Learning Community. We took the opportunity to serve the Prairie Pines Partners by painting in their facility. It was a fun way to conclude the week, and take a short break from our academics. We even had the opportunity to explore the trails, which made me even more excited for our upcoming fall break!

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Looking forward to next week’s adventures!


Oct. 01

Papers and Models

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This week has been a busy one! In addition to several exams, I’ve been occupied with writing papers, working on a pretty awesome material application project and a tour with the Responsible Design Learning Community!

The papers due this week were for my architecture history class, the last class I need to complete to achieve my Architectural Studies minor! The papers required an in-depth study of the Whitehall Banqueting House in London. I really enjoyed learning and writing about it because of its rich history and unique architectural significance. There is so much we can learn from history!

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Aside from paper writing, our materials applications class is well into our first project. The task is to create a material that filters light in the Architecture Hall Link. We have been working on Innovation Campus as a class, and I am already in love with the facilities there! It is a super creative space that is inspiring, and everyone is great to work with.

For the project, my partner and I drew inspiration from the statue on the second floor of the Link. We’ve been exploring how to filter light to draw attention to the statue, which has been a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to seeing how the project continues to evolve, it will be due soon, so keep an eye out for the final product!

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To wrap up last week, the Responsible Design Learning Community was able to tour the Audi dealership in Omaha, which will be opening soon. We enjoyed touring the facility and talking with the architect about the project and my learning community co-mentor who also worked on the project as an intern, which was an added bonus.

Stay tuned for what the next week brings!

Sept. 27

Adventures Near and Far

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To wrap up our studio’s precedent healthcare studies which we began last week, our studio took a trip to Omaha to visit Think Whole Person Healthcare, Lauritzen Outpatient Center and the Chihuly Sanctuary at the Buffett Cancer Center. Each facility provided a unique learning opportunity, as we were able to learn from both design professionals who helped design the facilities and people who work in the facilities each day. We are so lucky to have connections to such great learning opportunities! For a few more photos of the amazing Chihuly Sanctuary, check out my Instagram page.

In studio, we have also been analyzing site conditions and conducting topical research. This information helps us understand the design opportunity and gives us direction as we begin this next design phase. My favorite part about this time in studio is witnessing each of my classmates’ unique views of the opportunity form as we discuss ideas in class. I can already see that our designs are all going to be vastly different!

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Nebraska Cottage Company gave us a great tour in construction documents this week. We toured a light frame renovation project in a new pocket community, and it was fun to learn about renovation projects and see the old and new combine. Renovations, especially historical ones like this quaint home built between 1900 and 1910, can bring a lot of challenges to the table, so the learning opportunity was priceless.

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An additional fun adventure of the week was exploring PARK(ing) Day in downtown Lincoln. I have been anticipating this day ever since the first models started appearing around the building. Students in the College of Architecture get an inside look into the preparations for the event, which only heightens my appreciation and excitement. The event successfully showcased the talent of this year’s second-year architects, which has me excited to see their future work! Looking forward to sharing my next adventure!

Sept. 18:

A Classroom Bigger Than Architecture Hall

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This week has been an exciting week for the third-year interior design healthcare studio. We’ve finished up the first phase of research on our current project, which is an ambulatory health care center. I’m excited for this project because an ambulatory health care facility can be any facility where a patient stays less than 24 hours, so the options are nearly endless! This requires a significant amount of research to help narrow down the scope of work; so as a part of the second phase of research, our studio visited the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Health Center and College of Nursing.

We learned about potential design solutions in a clinical exam room set up and were privileged to step inside the simulation operating room utilized by nursing students here at UNL. Seeing operable medical equipment in real time was helpful to understand the magnitude of some of the equipment in the medical field that we may be designing for someday.

Our construction documents class also had a lightframe site visit this week. We were able to visit several residences under construction and see the residential framing we’ve been learning about in the classroom come to life.

For me, visiting the job site solidifies my understanding of what I’m learning and helps everything make sense. I also love talking to contractors and designers; it’s a great way to learn from the pros first hand!

Stay tuned for more happenings in the third-year interior design studio!

Until next time-