Bob Trempe

Hyde Chair of Excellence in Architecture for the fall semester of 2014

Bob Trempe is a professor of architecture and design researcher who examines and tests emergent methods in design process, focusing on the relationships between new toolsets and the control / ownership / authorship of mechanic characteristic needed to graphically investigate, represent, and output con-structions.

Thought of as the study of computational process itself, Bob tests techniques in how we visually articulate concepts, the beauty (celebration) found in the visualization of information, and how resultant emergent information can serve as instruction towards design production. Of continual focus is the imprint or "maker's mark" of the tools employed in production.

Bob has lectured and exhibited extensively on these experiments at venues such as SIGGRAPH, ACADIA, Shape Modeling International, the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, and the journal HYPERSEEING.

Bob earned a Bachelor of Arts with a focus on architecture, music history and theory from Hobart College and a Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania.

Bob Trempe Photo