Community and Regional Planning

Students in Dr. Daniel Piatkowski’s Selected Topics elective course, CRPL 495/895, The Sustainable Campus, a new course this semester, are wrapping up their semester-long study of the overall campus sustainability framework with the development of components of what could become a sustainability plan for UNL. The 18 undergraduate and graduate students from four different majors have studied specific opportunities and challenges for sustainability initiatives on university campuses, with particular attention to the University of Nebraska‒Lincoln. The course has emphasized how sustainability can be integrated into the broad scope of campus planning.

The class has worked closely with UNL’s Sustainability Officer, Prabhakar “Prabs” Shrestha and several other university staff members involved with programs and ongoing activities that relate to sustainability, to gain an understanding of UNL’s current efforts and future plans for advancing sustainability efforts on the campus.

Cale Brodersen, a graduate student in the Master of Community and Regional Planning Program, has been a graduate assistant in the Office of Sustainability since 2016, serving as a sustainability specialist. Cale is also enrolled in this Sustainable Campus course.

The class subdivided into teams to focus on separate topics related to campus sustainability and have been working to put together “modules” for a potential campus sustainability plan for UNL.

Presentations of the modules are scheduled for Monday and Wednesday in the week of April 23rd from 10:30 am to 11:45 am in room 305 Architecture Hall. The presentations on Monday, April 23, will include “Sustainable Building, Stormwater Management and Waste Management”. The presentations on Wednesday, April 25, will include “Campus Parking and Transportation and Sustainable Policy”.

To have an approximate visitor head-count in advance of the presentations, Dr. Piatkowski would like persons to RSVP directly to him at if they are able to attend.

-Gordon Scholz