Community and Regional Planning

Planning students in CRPL 900 Professional Planning Practice, as well as other members of the CRP Program’s Student Planning Association of Nebraska (SPAN) and planners who are participants in the Nebraska Chapter of the American Planning Association’s Emerging Planners Group, were hosted by JEO Consulting Group at the company’s Lincoln office on Thursday evening, September 6.

The event provided an introduction to the work of JEO Consulting Group, Inc., an interdisciplinary firm that includes expertise in planning, engineering, architecture, surveying, hazard mitigation planning and project funding source assistance. The evening included a tour of the company’s Lincoln office, as well as individual presentations on various aspects of the firm’s work by Phillip Luebbert (UNL MCRP, 2015), AICP, Hazard Mitigation Planner; Andrea Gebhart (UNL MCRP, 2013), AICP, Community Engagement Specialist; Lynn Dittmer, Senior Planner; and Nat Boone, Transportation Planner.

JEO Consulting Group, Inc., has over 200 employees working in 10 offices in Nebraska and Iowa.

Gordon Scholz