20XX ARCHITECTURE SYMPOSIUM - Architectural Education & COVID 19


The Architecture Program invites you to attend the Project 20XX Symposium on Architectural Education & COVID 19. This event is intended to coincide with the launch of the “Project 2020” and “Project 2021” website and will take place on November 11th from 1 – 3:30pm in the Arch Hall Gallery and Online (link active the day of the symposium). The format will consist of short presentations by architecture faculty Jeffrey L. Day, Zachary Tate-Porter, Lloyd "Bud" Shenefelt and Peter Olshavsky IV who will explore the COVID 19 pandemic from two positions within design discourse, studio projects, and pedagogy of design teaching. The event will conclude with a 30-minute plenary session by external moderator Antje Steinmuller, associate professor and chair of the Bachelor of Architecture Program at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, CA.

Within the mass of confusion and upheaval that COVID 19 has brought upon our lives one thing has become abundantly clear. Predictions are frail! When we look more deeply at this we should then ask, are we surprised? Or to reframe the issue has COVID 19 brought into question a design education based upon a predictive model? Does it question our assumptions that we are in control of the future in the way we think we are?

This theme will be explored under two categories of design education:

  • Architectural educational and pedagogy
  • Studio projects that explore strategies for pandemic design

Architectural Education & COVID 19 echoes the concept of the “Back Loop” (Anthropocene Back Loop Stephanie Wakefield) that argues for the importance of understanding unplanned events in relation to planned events. The Back Loop explores a front loop (planned events that follow a predictive model of industrial expansion, greater access to travel global trade and so on), then an unexpected event (a natural disaster, conflict, global pandemic) that is then followed by a “backloop” (a series adaptive and resilient responses to the unexpected event) that eventually leads to reorganization.

This symposium is a reflection on the divergent nature of design education under the constraints of COVID 19. It brings together a range of voices to explore ”adaptive” strategies within architectural discourse and reflects upon experiences of teaching during a global pandemic.


Date: November 11,  2021

Time: 1:00 - 3:30pm

Place: Architecture Hall Gallery Online 

Introduction Jason Griffiths and Antje Steinmuller (View presentation here) 1:00 pm
Jeffrey L. Day, FAIA presents "Omaha Mobile Stage: performance as post-pandemic social condenser" (View presentation here) 1:05 pm
Zachary Tate-Porter presents “Top Right Front Perspective: Excursions in Model Space” (View presentation here) 1:25 pm
Lloyd "Bud" Shenefelt presents "Peri-COVID Thoughts on Post-COVID Opportunities" (View presentation here) 1:45 pm
Peter Olshavsky IV presents "Revaluing Giving Way" (View presentation here) 2:05 pm
Antje Steinmuller hosts a Moderated Discussion  (View presentation here) 2:25 pm
Closing Comments  2:50 pm


Jason Griffiths (Host) is an associate professor of architecture and W. Cecil Steward Professor of Sustainability and past Hyde Chair of Excellence. Griffiths’s work explores a transdisciplinary approach to engineered lumber, normative systems of architecture and forestry production. His work combines the study of “ordinary” buildings with the emerging technology of cross-laminated timber (CLT) construction through built projects, architectural writing and funded research. His teaching practice engages architecture students with design-build projects in collaboration with non-profit organizations, CLT manufacturers and academic institutions.

Antje Steinmuller (Moderator) is an architectural designer and educator whose research and teaching are focused on new typologies of urban commons, new forms of collective living, and the agency of design at the intersection of citizen-led and city-regulated processes. She is an Associate Professor at California College of the Arts (CCA), where she chairs the Bachelor of Architecture Program and co-directs the Urban Works Agency, CCA’s urban research lab. She is also a co-founder of ideal X, a design consultancy focused on the potentials of urban spaces in transition.

Jeffrey L. Day, FAIA is Killinger Professor of Architecture and founding principal of Actual Architecture Company (formerly Min | Day) in Omaha. A graduate of Harvard College and U.C. Berkeley, Day runs FACT, an interdisciplinary designbuild studio engaging creative nonprofits and communities in collaborations that span design and construction. Day has garnered numerous honors including Architect Magazine’s Progressive Architecture Award, ACSA’s Design-Build Award, the Architectural League of New York’s Emerging Voices, Architectural Record’s Design Vanguard, AIA California Council’s Emerging Talent award, New Practices San Francisco, Residential Architect’s Rising Star, and over 70 design awards.

Zachary Tate Porter is an assistant professor of architecture whose current research draws upon historiographical, curatorial and speculative methodologies to investigate conceptions of ground within modern and contemporary architectural production. Porter holds a Ph.D. in Architectural History from the Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as a Master of Architecture from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. His research has been exhibited internationally and featured in a range of publications, including the Journal of Architectural Education (JAE), Offramp, and SITE Magazine. Prior to joining UNL, Porter held teaching positions at SCI-Arc and the University of Southern California.

Lloyd (Bud) Shenefelt is an assistant professor of architecture and the 2018-2022 recipient of the Merle and Trula Bachman Professorship in Healthcare Design and serves on the Rural Prosperity Nebraska’s Placemaking Core Team, focusing on the impact of design on rural health. Shenefelt teaches first, and second-year design studios and graduate courses focused on health+design. His research focuses on beginning design pedagogy, equitable design education, and health issues unique to rural and isolated populations.

Prior to teaching at UNL, Shenefelt taught architecture design studios at Auburn University and interior design studios at the Savannah College of Art and Design (Atlanta) and Georgia State University. He has also worked professionally for over 15 years, including eight years as a senior project manager/designer at Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects.

Peter Olshavsky IV is an associate professor of architecture and holds a Ph.D. and M.Arch. II in history and theory from McGill University and B.Arch. from The Pennsylvania State University. As a former Fulbright scholar his scholarship in history, theory, and design has been recognized and published internationally. This includes a recent essay for Steven Holl’s travelling exhibition Making Architecture and an interview with Holl in the Journal of Architectural Education.

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