Master of Science in Architecture

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The M.S. Architecture Degree provides an exploratory forum for advanced studies that lie outside of the traditional studio culture. Students research individually tailored topics that range from the theoretical to the tactical, including sustainable communities, historic preservation, digital fabrication, construction and installation, parametricism, animation, and other visualizations. It is an ideal program for those wanting to test the waters before embarking on doctoral architectural studies.

The Master of Science in Architecture degree is a scholarly, research-orientated curriculum. This 36 credit hour program of study is designed for students who are interested in pursuing teaching and research as a career objective. 

It is a highly individualized program in which a candidate works closely with a faculty mentor to develop a course of study. Students can pursue an area of study from a variety of architectural options including product design, fabrication, and branding. 

Prerequisite: An applicant must have an undergraduate degree in architecture, interior design, or a closely related field. 

M.S in Architecture Curriculum

The 36 graduate credit hour program curriculum for the Master of Science in Architecture is broken into six main content areas:

1. Core Requirements (9 credit hours)

2. Theory (3 credit hours)

3. Research Methods/Analytical Techniques (6 credit hours)

4. Electives (6 credit hours)

5. Field Work (6 credit hours)

6. Thesis (6 credit hours)

Total Credit Hours: 36

Students work closely with their advisor to determine courses within and outside the College of Architecture that fulfill these curriculum reuiqrements along with supporting their individual areas of interest and focus.  A required curriculum component for all students is the completion of 6 graduate credit hours of a graduate research thesis on a topic of the students choice with the support of a faculty advisor of the student's choice.

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