Interior Design

I hope this finds you refreshed from your week off. We are now in the thick of course registration and advising. I encourage you all to utilize the wonderful people in the student success center for your advising needs and make appointments to ensure availability. For your planning, I can let you know about upcoming professional electives that the Interior Design program will be offering this summer, fall 2018 and spring 2019. Please note that the spring courses are projections and are subject to change.

Summer 2018:

IDES491/891 Suburbanism- This is an online course that looks into the development, history, various stakeholders and the future of suburbia through the lens of designers. It primarily consists of curated readings, short reading responses and group online discussions boards. A final project asks students to propose a “Suburban Manifesto” and can be a written paper, design proposal or visual story. o Instructor: Lindsey Bahe o First five week session: June 4th – July 6th o Interior design professional elective

IDES 421/821 Environmental Graphic Design- This online course looks into the concepts, methods, strategies and application of environmental graphic design and its role in way-finding, behavior and spatial identity. o Instructor: Krystal Schumacher o Second five week session: July 9th – August 9th o Interior design professional elective and product design minor credit.

Fall 2018:

IDES 486/886 Evolving Issues- This is an online course that looks into contemporary and controversial issues. Nuances of the field and practice of interior design and its relationship to the allied design disciplines. o Instructor: Erin Trofholz o Interior design professional elective

IDES 458/858 The Changing Workplace- This is an online course that surveys and integrates theory, methods, research and findings from the social, behavioral and managerial sciences as they relate to the design of work environments and factors effecting change in the contemporary workplace. o Instructor: Christine Kenline o Interior design professional elective, environmental behavior requirement

Spring 2019:

IDES 491/891 Interior Design Pavilion: Design/Build- This design build course will examine fabrication methods and the assembly of a data collection pavilion that manifests properties and the story of the evolution of interior design as a discipline. o Instructor: Nate Bicak o Interior design professional elective, product design minor credit.

IDES491/891 Environmental Behavior and Social Factors of Design- This course introduces the concept of user needs and human behavior to the design disciplines. It is an introductory course of interest to designers. This course is intended to enhance the students’ decision-making ability in understanding the role of design in human behavior. This course will provide interesting and relevant opportunities for learning about and evaluating the relationship between human behavior and the physical environment in a safe, challenging and stimulating forum. o Instructor: Miyoung Hong o Interior design professional elective, environmental behavior requirement

-Lindsey Bahe