Interior Design

We are a week and a half away from final reviews. In that time, please take advantage of some of the great student activities/breaks that have planned by the SAB. They are not only fun, but good built-in breaks to relieve some stress and even perhaps come back with a renewed focus and clarity needed to complete your work. There is always that rigor and drive to do another drawing, or add make one last model…but be sure to do so with a sense and awareness of wellness.

For your planning purposes, we do hope that you attend not just your own review, but the review of other studios. Attending these reviews helps to foster a sense of community support, and mentorship that makes for a productive and healthy culture. Plus, by attending these reviews, you will learn through observing, listening and seeing the work of others, and hearing the point of view and constructive feedback from professionals and faculty.

The Interior Design Program will be bringing in three external critics to join us for the final reviews. This year’s external critics will be coming from Colorado and Michigan, and they plan to engage in the reviews at all levels (d.Make – IDES 211 – IDES351 – IDES451). The external critic bios can be seen below:

As for days and times, please reference the upcoming final review posters that will be up around the building. In the meantime, you can reference below to mark your calendars and plan accordingly:

IDES211 - Co-Working [collaborate/confide/create], Wednesday, April 25th at 9:00-12:00 pm in the Gallery
IDES351 - The Creative Class in Rural Landscapes, Wednesday, April 25th at 1:30-4:50 pm in the Link (2nd and 3rd Floor) and Corral.
DSGN111 - P3 The Wall Project [modular surface transformations], Thursday, April 26th at 9:00-12:00 pm in Gallery and South Barn.
IDES451 - Senior Capstone Award Finalists, Thursday, April 26th, 1:00-4:50 pm in room 127

External Critics:

Andrew Peterson – Andrew is an alumna of UNL’s College of Architecture (M.Arch) and a former graduate teaching assistant. Andrew is a registered architect, visual communicator and disciplined creative from Funk, Nebraska, but currently resides in Holland, Michigan. Andrew has a range of professional experiences as an architect and currently is an architectural product specialist for Haworth.

Gretta Peterson – Gretta is an alumna of Cornell University (Master of Science in applied research in human environment relations) and the University of Oregon (Bachelor of Interior Architecture with minors in architecture and business administration). As an NCIDQ certified interior designer, Gretta works as a workplace knowledge consultant for Herman Miller and puts her expertise conducting translational design research to maximize organizational strategies and human experiences within the built environment. In addition, Gretta has been a long-time lecturer for the Interior Design Program at UNL, by teaching the Evidence Based Design online course for undergraduate and graduate students.

Krystal Schumacher – Krystal is an alum of UNL’s College of Architecture (Bachelor of Science in interior design and Master of Science in architecture with interior design specialization) and joins us from Denver, Colorado. Krystal directed her MS research towards environmental graphics and wayfinding and is a wayfinding design project manager for the Denver International Airport. In addition, Krystal has been a long-time lecturer for the Interior Design Program and developed and delivers our online Environmental Graphic Design course each summer for undergraduate and graduate students.