Interior Design

I hope you all had a moment this past weekend to take a break; enjoy the springtime sunshine, get some fresh air and recharge for a week of focused, efficient, production of great work in your classes. We are getting closer and closer to wrapping up the semester. First year students are thinking of portfolios and applications into the respective programs; second year students are perhaps contemplating the fact they are half-way done with the curriculum and hopefully considering new personal goals of how to best optimize their upper level experience and learning in the remaining two years; third year students are all preparing to embark on exciting professional experiences with their internships; and the fourth year group, I would anticipate are eagerly (and maybe anxiously) anticipating their graduation. All are exciting places to be! Feel free to come and see me, or other faculty, if you would like to share your thoughts or seeking some insight on how to navigate these transitions.

Something I would like all interior design students to be aware of is the upcoming Fourth Year Senior Capstone Studio Review. This will be held on April 19th in the Gallery. At the very least, all interior design students should try and walk through and see the array of work, impressive topics and inspiring solutions the seniors have been working hard on completing. This project is an opportunity for the seniors to bring together all their skills and knowledge they have acquired over the course of their four years into a project/topic that they are passionate about.

- Lindsey Bahe