Interior Design

Did you know that the Interior Design Program also offers an MS in Architecture: Specialization in Interior Design degree? In addition to supporting a robust undergraduate program, our faculty dedicate a lot of their time to teaching, delivering and advising our graduate students through a 36-credit hour online graduate program. Our MSID Program, is a post-professional research and scholarly based degree, not a professional design studio based curriculum. This program had its first two graduates in 2007 and was a pioneer and leader in the development and delivery of an online master’s specializing in interior design Since its first graduates 11 years ago, the program has graduated 40 more students.

There are typically two types of MSID students. The first being recent undergraduates who desire a career path in academia, or whom have developed a particular passion that they which to further explore and to customize their professional future with a depth of knowledge in a particular disciplinary sector.

The majority of our MSID students are experienced professionals looking to advance their careers by strategically building upon their existing body of knowledge established through professional experience, by pursuing research in a topic that will provide greater depth in a particular field or emerging topics that are relevant to the discipline. Examples of our graduate student’s path towards enrollment and graduation in our program:

• A professional with years of design experience in the health and wellness sector who is motivated to do research related to aging-in place. This student might simultaneously earn a Gerontology Certificate due to our partnership with UNL’s Gerontology Department. With this advanced degree, the professional can become an expert designer and advocate for design that meets the needs of an ever-growing elderly population.

• A professional may have a passion for being an environmentally conscious designer and hopes to becoming a sustainable leader within a firm. This student’s educational path can be tailored with research and learning related to sustainable practices.

• A recent undergraduate student may have developed curiosity regarding the design of education and learning environments. As the recent undergraduate works full-time in a firm, they may choose to continue their educational journey as a part-time online graduate student and align their experiences with the many online educational courses offered by teaching and learning and youth development programs on campus and tailor a research project in partnership with UNL’s Ruth Staples Child Development Lab.

• A designer may find themselves on a trajectory toward firm leadership and might find value in researching emerging technologies and their role in the design process that could then be applied to firm processes.

• A firm might be looking in investing a new sector of their company’s interests toward community activism and re-vitalization projects. This new team might identify a professional who could earn their MSID degree and do case study research on socially responsible design typologies that can become a model for company growth.

Often the MSID student earns their degree in two to three years, but the curriculum and online format allows for great flexibility. Our faculty members work closely with students to advise and craft a memorandum of courses that best align with their interests and goals and make it a goal to construct partnerships with experts and professionals in various fields to serve as secondary mentors in the research process. We have had graduates from around the world including China, Turkey, Netherlands and Canada and have had graduates from 22 of our 50 states.

-Lindsey Bahe