Interior Design News

Happy College of Architecture Career Fair week! I wish everyone a positive and formative career fair experience. Be sure to put your best foot forward and confidently speak to your passions, goals and abilities. Each of you has something unique and purposeful to offer and this is one great way to begin your quest for the required third year internship and/or your next step for the fourth years as you soon will be graduates in less than three months!

I would like to extend a big thank you to all the faculty and staff who have put time and effort into preparing the event. We have fantastic representation of regional firms. Many student events have been scheduled to help prepare you, and professional volunteers have given their time to help refine portfolios and ease nerves by providing tips for interviews. It also takes coordination to set up and make our guests feel comfortable and accommodated for the event. So, a big THANK YOU to Brian Kelly, Craig Babe, Mark Hinchman, Kendra Ordia, Stephanie Kuenning, Kathlene Bateman, Sarah Kmitta and Dean Ankerson!

If you have any questions about the processes and procedures of the career fair feel free to come talk to myself, Mark, Kendra, or Nate.

Good Luck! Lindsey Bahe