Interior Design

The First week of Fall 2018 is complete! I hope you have all settled back into the “student life routine.” It was great to have the building buzzing with the energy and life that all of you students bring.

We have a lot of great projects in the Interior Design Program that are underway in our studio sequence. Second-year students have hit the ground running and are doing rigorous exercises in the orthographic representation and analysis of interior built environment precedents. The project is meant for students to polish up on their representational skill sets, while understanding and revealing compositional strategies and the purposeful design of interior systems to create the best possible space and experiences for people. The third-year class is charged with a short two-week challenge, that asks teams of students to design a mobile educational pod meant to be activated in public spaces to educate the public about physical and mental/health well-being. This project is a shared endeavor between Professors Mark Hinchman and Assistant Professor Miyoung Hong. After this challenge, the sections will explore two different topics; Hong’s studio will be looking into healthcare and wellness in urban settings, while Hinchman’s studio explores the role of performance art for, or in urban communities. The fourth-year students are distributed amongst four collaborative studios, each addressing an array of topics that we are eager to see develop throughout the semester.

Finally, this week we have the College of Architecture Ice Cream Social on Wednesday. I hope to see you all there, as it is a great opportunity to get involved in our various student organizations.

-Lindsay Bahe