Interior Design

Accompanied by the sounds of the UNL marching band echoing outside (which always gives me a sense of optimism and new academic beginnings), the students are settling in after a week of hard work. It was great to have the building buzzing with the energy and life that all of you students bring.

We have a lot of great projects that are underway in the studios. Second year students have hit the ground running and are doing rigorous exercises in compositional strategies as a way to bridge learning from d.MAKE into the foundational interior design studio. Students are being reminded of those ever important design principles and are being challenged to extract layers embedded in 2-dimensional images. Soon, we will be transitioning our compositional understanding to the analysis in interior project precedents. The third year class, under the direction of Miyoung and Stacy, will be exploring how the interior built environment can position itself to have positive impact on the relationship between community-based health and wellness in urban conditions. The fourth year students are distributed amongst four collaborative studios and will be addressing an array of issues that we are eager to see develop throughout the semester.

Finally, this week we have the College of Architecture Ice Cream Social that I hope to see you all at. It is a great opportunity to get involved in our various student organizations.

-Lindsay Bahe