Interior Design

Big shout out this week to Assistant Professor Nate Bicak for getting published in the Journal of Interior Design. In collaboration with Radford colleagues, Bicak wrote about the process of a design studio to design and build portable homeless shelters, which heavily relied on information gathering and informed design decision making related to homelessness. The design/build process encouraged students to prototype and test the feasibility and realistic needs associated with homelessness and being displaced. The work is truly inspiring and I would recommend that all of you take a look into this paper. It can be found on the online Wiley, Journal of Interior Design, website.

As we approach October, I hope everyone has settled in. I look forward to the upper level studio project development as they begin to ramp up into the formulating stage of the design process after weeks of dedicated design research, observation and establishing an informed point of view, or design intention that will serve as an operator when we begin to search for formal and spatial solutions. There are some upcoming 3rd and 4th year reviews on my schedule in the next couple weeks, and I am eager to see some great ideas aiming to make positive change to future, or existing conditions.

- Lindsey Bahe