Interior Design

The Interior Design program has embedded in its curriculum a 3-credit minimum internship experience. This internship typically occurs the summer between the students’ junior and senior year. Having had most of the curriculum complete, the students have learned to apply many key skills and methods to the design of the interior space, which allows them to have enriching hands-on, learning experiences and permits them to see their education applied in professional environments. In addition, this experience often gives our students motivation to complete their senior year with a renewed sense of purpose and high achieving goals to find jobs that they are passionate about and teams that they are eager to join. The internship program is a way to create wonderful networks of professional mentors and is a way to tap into our alumni base who are very supportive in welcoming our students into their firms and businesses. I also believe this networking contributes to our high 97% professional job placement rate within three months of graduation.

Mark Hinchman serves as the internship coordinator and helps to manage and advise students in their internship applications and throughout their internship experience. We also intentionally place the Professional Practice course in the spring of the third year to expose students to a variety of professional design firm models, guidance on overall professionalism, how to build resume instructions, portfolio development, interview tips and more.

This past week, our fourth year interior design students shared their internship experiences and the array of learning outcomes that were a result of their experience. This past year our students had internships in Nebraska, Washington, Texas, Michigan and Illinois.

- Lindsey Bahe