Interior Design

IDES 210, in collaboration with LARC 210, are continuing their Inside/Outside investigation of space-making as they kick off Project 2: Anatomy of Space-Making. The students have been assigned landscape and interior design project precedents to study and learn from. Project 2 was constructed as a series of exercises based off of their design precedents. Each exercise asks the students to take an inventory and analysis of their spaces in order to clearly identify the parts and pieces that make-up their built environment, as well as reveal specific space making strategies that were intentionally used by its designer/s. At the end of the project, students will: 1) be able to demonstrate critical understanding of precedents through visual, written and verbal communication; 2) execute digital orthographic drawing conventions accurately and to scale; and 3) identify design principles of form, space and composition through analytical diagrams of their subsequent projects.

The first series of exercises have introduced the students to the process of documenting their projects through drawing and models. This process has provided them with the basic spatial understanding of their precedent, as well as shown them best system processes for outputs of digital drawings to physical models through a new tool, the laser cutter.