Student Intern Opportunity

The College of Architecture in conjunction with the Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln invites applications for up to ten (10) undergraduate student interns to assist in a multi-year series of building energy performance and field verification studies beginning in May 2017. Eligible applicants must be currently enrolled and regularly attending pre-professional or professional coursework in architecture, construction management or related major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Student interns will be trained and assigned to perform energy analyses of state buildings, and, field verification of commercial and residential energy code compliance. Activities will include but not be limited to analyses of energy use and building data, review of residential and commercial energy codes, review of construction documents (e.g. drawing, specifications, submittals, etc.), construction site inspections and, data entry.

Student interns will be paid an hourly wage at a rate not-to-exceed (NTE) $14.00/hour. Students will be assigned work in 2-hour blocks that do not conflict with class schedules NTE 20 hours per week during Fall and Spring semesters, and (or), NTE 40 hours per week during the summer. Students will be provided all tools and equipment necessary to perform assigned tasks, including personal protective equipment (PPE). Students will be required to have a valid driver’s license for travel to various in-state office and worksites using either University or personal vehicles. Use of personal vehicles will be reimbursed at a rate of $0.535/mile. Interested applicants should provide a copy of their CV or resume to Lori J Bennett Baumli at