Landscape Architecture

The relationship between the academy and the profession is an important one. Historically the profession provided important practical experience and support, and the academy pursued research providing important insight and critical perspective. In recent years, each community has evolved in ways that have blurred those roles. The professional community has begun to do more research and the academy has pursued design-build initiatives to provide opportunities for practical experience and applied research. Still, the traditional strengths remain and these can present important opportunities for partnerships. Over the past couple months, I have had the chance to visit many of the Landscape Architecture groups in the state. I have discovered a wealth of talent and expertise in this community, some of whom are our graduates. I also found a great generosity and willingness to share this expertise with our program. Earlier this month the students enjoyed a mixer at the college in which ASLA professionals shared some of their work and the students in turn shared some of theirs with them. I am looking forward to building our partnership with the profession in the future and finding the many win, win opportunities we can enjoy. I intend to continue to reach out to the professional community in the coming months, and I hope the professional community will feel welcome to visit the college. Thank you to all the firms who have shared their time with me. I intend to make this a frequent exchange in the time to come.

-Mark Hoistad