Landscape Architecture News

Register for the upcoming ASLA Conference

This year the annual national conference for the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), planned for Nov. 16-18, is going remote! For students this means two things. First, the cost for participation is significantly lower than previous years, at $25 for student members and student membership is now free! Second, all the sessions in this year’s conference will be available for playback for at least a month after the conference concludes, so no worries if you have a deadline to catch when the conference is actually taking place! This is a fantastic opportunity to be engaged in the thought and practice of the professional world, and it is highly recommended! For more information on the schedule and how to register, please visit

ASLA Panel on Career Development

One exciting thing coming up during the ASLA conference is a panel which Assistant Professor of Practice Yujia Wang is hosting that will discuss career development and design sector performance during and beyond the pandemic. The panel, titled “Careers Under the Pandemic and Beyond,” is a joint effort by Wang and Dou Zhang, director of Sasaki’s Shanghai Office. An exciting group of speakers will discuss their view of the situation, insights and advice. This group is comprised of people in key positions in leading landscape architecture design firms, including Sasaki, AECOM, SOM, Aspect Studios and Ground Inc. If you are attending the ASLA conference, make sure you don’t miss this event!

Hyde Lecture This Week!

This Friday, Nov. 6, starting at 4pm, we will have the second Hyde Lecture of the semester with a landscape architecture focus, hosted by Yujia Wang. Stephen Gary, associate professor at Harvard Graduate School of Design, will be presenting on the topic of “Design Processes for Racial Equity in the 21st Century American City.” This is a conversation with a focus on design in the urban public realm and how that relates to spatial, environmental and racial justice. This will be a really interesting and insightful talk so please mark your calendar! It is also encouraged that you come prepared with some questions!

-Yujia Wang