Landscape Architecture News

It can safely be said that we are entering the home stretch of what has been a unique and challenging semester. Many of you have just finished the first wave of final assignments to clear the way for the next wave of work on your studio projects to be followed by the final exams and the paper wave. As you attempt to keep your head above water and avoid being overwhelmed by these waves, I urge you to take some time and go for a short walk to enjoy the fall weather for a few moments. As I noted in an earlier newsletter article, access to nature, the biophilic moment, has been identified important to human health. Right behind that is getting a consistent amount of sleep. While you may not think you have time to do this, I would argue you that they are essential to the successful completion of your semester. A well-rested and calm student has a much clearer head and is far more productive than one who fails to take the time to rest mind and body.

After taking care of yourself, the next thing that will add to your positive state of mind is to take care of your peers. While we may not have the same studio culture, because of our distanced circumstances, there is still much that can be gained from the mutual support you can give each other. I have been reflecting on the comments from our student panel at a recruiting event a couple weeks ago. One of the universal points made by the students, was the association with their peers. The exchange of ideas, the shared representation tip, the bad joke, the common sense of accomplishment once everything has been completed are some of the many memories you will take away for this time. Just as I noted above, you should dedicate some time to your personal wellbeing, taking some time to connect with your peers in a meaningful way will add to the remembered experience that will fuel you in the future.

Good luck navigating the waves and stay safe.

-Mark Hoistad