Landscape Architecture

Success! Our accreditation visit came to a successful conclusion last week. The team indicated in their open findings report to the community there were no deficiencies in our program. We will not know the official conclusion until the LAAB Board makes the final determination in July, but everything appears to point toward another full accreditation cycle.

Special thanks to all those that contributed to and participated in the review:

• Recent graduates Zack Fergus, Eric Silvey, Austin Vachal and Kaylyn Neverve; and professional principals Dennis Scheer, John Royster, Regan Pence and Dennis Bryers for their participation in group conversations with the accreditation team.
• A host of graduates and supporters for coming to the open house reception to express their support for the program.
• The faculty, Kim Wilson, Sarah Karle, Catherine DeAlmeida and Zhenghong Tang for installing an outstanding exhibition of student work.
• Richard Sutton, Zhenghong Tang and Jeffrey L. Day for describing at length their collaborative efforts with the Landscape Architecture program.
• Other program directors, Sharon Kuska, Gordon Schultz and Lindsey Bahe for sharing the nature of inner college cooperation and collaboration.
• Kim Wilson for doing the heavy lifting in writing the program report.

Like most things of consequence, it was a big team effort. Everyone shared in the effort and everyone should take satisfaction in the success. Now it is time for the program to continue its evolution, moving on to the next level of improvement and excellence. Accreditation, like the building code is an important standard of expectation, but it is not a signification of excellence. Our goals are and should be much higher. We look forward to getting everyone’s help as we continue our trajectory of success.

-Mark Hoistad