Landscape Architecture

Students and faculty benefit from UCARE!

Katie Nimic and Rachel Reynolds, both second year landscape architecture students, are excited to be part of a year-long research project working alongside faculty this 2017-18 academic year. Katie is working with Professor De Almeida to collect and evaluate a series of domestic and international case studies that are testing and implementing unconventional strategies for tackling waste-related landscapes and handling productive waste materials. Rachel is working with Professor Wilson on a Rural Futures Institute Research and Engagement Grant to develop a place-making assessment and implementation tool to be used by rural communities who are working towards becoming more prosperous. Both students made a big decision the spring of their freshman year and applied for and were awarded Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experience (UCARE). UCARE is funded in part by gifts from the Pepsi Quasi Endowment and Union Bank & Trust and provides Katie and Rachel with a $2,400 stipend for this academic year. This past summer both Keely Anderson and Austin Arens completed a 10-week, $2,400 funded UCARE research project with Professors De Almeida and Wilson respectively. Faculty and students alike, start thinking now about the next UCARE funding round by going to for more information.

-Kim L. Wilson