15 Students from the College Named Design Futures Council Scholars

15 Students from the College Named Design Futures Council Scholars

By Kerry McCulloug...

January 12, 2018

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s College of Architecture is pleased to announce 15 students from the college were named scholars of the 2017/2018 Design Futures Council Graduate Presentation Program. The designation is annually awarded to students in architecture, landscape architecture and interior design programs. The scholars include Jon Magruder, Adam Heier, Adam Wiese, Phung Hong, Mei-Ling Krabbe, Casie Hilyard, Hasan Shurrab, Megan Michalski, Yitao Li, Anne McManis, Julie Reynolds, William Pokojski, Kurt Lawler, Dayna Bartels and Caitlin Senne.

The scholars were selected based on several factors including their demonstrated excellence in design showing a mastery of complex projects; their talent for collaboration exhibiting a predisposition for working in multidisciplinary teams; their ability to influence others demonstrating their ability to unify through the design process; their inclusiveness of sustainability by deeply integrating its principles into their work; and their superior ability to integrate technology into design projects. The purpose of the Graduate Presentation Program is to connect the up and coming talent from participating schools with the top 300 firms in the design professions. For firms, the Graduate Presentation Program shortens the time and effort required to find the highest quality emerging talent. For educational institutions, the program not only provides inroads for placement of graduates with high profile firms, but also provides the opportunity to build enduring relationships with professional practices.

The Design Futures Council scholar designation is a prestigious honor awarded to only the most accomplished students. The College of Architecture students join a prestigious group of 68 peers from all across the country.