ACSA Accepts Ph.D. Candidate's Paper for Presentation

ACSA Accepts Ph.D. Candidate's Paper for Presentation

By Kerry McCulloug...

July 23, 2015

Ph.D Candidate Alireza

The College of Architecture is pleased to announce that Ph.D. candidate Alireza Karbasioun recently had a paper accepted for presentation at the 2015 ACSA (Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture) Fall Conference: Between the Autonomous & Contingent Object. The paper is entitled, "From Autonomy to Annihilation: The Paradoxical Position of Autonomous Architecture." This paper is part of Karbasioun's doctoral dissertation. The conference is scheduled to be held October 8-10, in Syracuse, New York.

The paper explores the controversial position of the notion of autonomy in defining the discipline of architecture. The opponents of architectural autonomy dismiss it in favor of an architecture that considers contingent issues such as the environment or the economy as the constituent parameters while its advocates see it as a resistance point against externalities.

"In my paper, I give a brief description of how autonomy became an inseparable constituent of Western art," Karbasioun said, "and then I re-evaluate the function of autonomy in architecture regarding the notion of annihilation and its modalities: complete or fulfilled annihilation and incomplete annihilation."

Karbasioun has been working on his dissertation for about one and a half years and this paper over the last four months. Such a long project is bound to have its challenges. Karbasioun explains his struggles with his paper's concept. "Autonomy has been claimed as the main criteria in defining the discipline of architecture, but there is not a straightforward and general definition for the concept of autonomy. Hence, it is extremely controversial. The paradoxical position of autonomy as the notion that can simultaneously preserve and annihilate the discipline makes the research very challenging." After graduation Karbasioun plans on following his interests in architecture theory and history as a professor and/or a researcher.

Karbasioun earned his undergraduate and master's degree from Azad University in Isfahan and is a native of Iran.