Architecture Professor Helps Make Blue Barn Theatre a Reality

Architecture Professor Helps Make Blue Barn Theatre a Reality

By Kerry McCulloug...

October 19, 2015

Blue Barn Photo

The Blue Barn Theatre has been an Omaha project in the works for some time now, and we are happy to announce it is now complete thanks to all its community supporters including artistic director Susan Clement-Toberer and numerous other Blue Barn project visionaries. The new location rests at 10th and Pacific. It was originally a grassroots passion born from New York drama school transplants who would perform at various temporary and rented locations. However numerous theatrical enthusiasts banned together to give this group of area performers a permanent place they could call home. After a land grant and a capital campaign, the idea of a permanent home for the Blue Barn Theatre was well on its way.

Our very own Architecture Program Director Jeffrey L. Day, and co-founder of Omaha and San Francisco-based architectural firm
Min | Day, has been an integral player in this orchestra.  Day’s artistry along with theater space planning consultant, Joshua Dachs, were able to give substance and clarity to the Blue Barn vision.  

For more information regarding the Blue Barn Theatre and its history, check out these great articles: The Reader and the Omaha World Herald.

Congratulations Jeffrey L. Day on this celebrated accomplishment!

Photo credit: Paul Crosby