Architecture Students Win First Place in National Design Competition

Architecture Students Win First Place in National Design Competition

By Kerry McCulloug...

September 24, 2019

ACSA Winner

The College of Architecture is pleased to announce Brenton Rahn and Andres Felipe Villegas were among the 2018-2019 AISC/ACSA Steel Design Student Competition winners. Out of a nationwide call for submittals, the AISC/ACSA jury selected the UNL team’s design from 237 submissions, 734 participants and 47 schools.

Their project “FLUID KNOWLEDGE” won first place in Category ll OPEN, offering architecture students the opportunity to select a site and building program using steel as the primary material.

For their design project, they chose to create a theoretical proposal for a new Center for Emerging Fabrication Technologies located within Lincoln, Nebraska’s Innovation Campus. The goal of their design proposal was to create a fluid atmosphere of creative collaboration between the various user groups including researchers, students and the general public. According to the project description, by using a dynamic space-frame design created through parametric modeling, the building concept aims to “capture the attention of those around it through its graceful shape, partially concealing the tectonic language within. The building comes together physically using various robotic fabrication processes such as CNC robotic bending of the steel space frame as well as robotic welding of the members.”

Competition jurors evaluated each submission according to the judging criteria and provided these comments on the winning design, “This top award-winning project, “FLUID KNOWLEDGE”, designed an ambitious and holistic project. The elegant approach to the steel structure created a strong conceptual idea. The students propose a building enclosure with complex connections between the tectonic systems and the building,” said AISC/ACSA jurors.

This project originated from Assistant Professor David Newton’s spring 2019, ARCH411 studio as part of the SGH Concepts/Dri-Design Competition.

“It is really thrilling to play a role in developing the next generation of architects,” commented Newton. “To have our students work recognized at the national level by our peers is testimony to the creative energy I witness every day in the work of our amazing faculty and students.”