College of Architecture Offers NEW Minor

College of Architecture Offers NEW Minor

By Kerry McCulloug...

January 24, 2017

Minor Degree

The Architecture Program is pleased to announce a new “Architectural Studies” minor, now available to all University of Nebraska-Lincoln undergraduate students. The minor provides an introduction to architecture through required courses in the history and theory of architecture and a range of elective courses in environmental and cultural factors, building technology and related fields that shape the built environment.

The minor comprises nine credits of required courses and nine elective credits from a list of approved courses. The minor provides all students an opportunity to learn about architecture, preparation for future graduate / professional studies in architecture if desired and the possibility of advanced standing in the College of Architecture’s own 3-year Master of Architecture program. For interior design and landscape architecture students in the College of Architecture, the minor is especially efficient because these programs already require some of the same courses.

“We are excited to increase our offerings to include an Architectural Studies minor,” stated Jeffrey L. Day, program director and professor. “The technological and disciplinary knowledge developed from this minor will be a huge asset to any graduate looking to expand their horizons within the field of architecture and a great foot in the door when applying for a 3-Year Master of Architecture program. This new minor will not only help fulfill our students’ educational needs and ambitions but also assist with expanding the audience for architecture to enrich an architectural tradition that has served Nebraska well for over a hundred years.”