College Loses One of Its Own

College Loses One of Its Own

By Kerry McCulloug...

October 29, 2015

Andy Schultz

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of a dear friend, Andrew (Andy) Schultz, who was a colleague, teacher, mentor, friend and much more to the students, staff and faculty of the College of Architecture. Andy started with the College in 2007 where he was responsible for the operation of the shop. The College had had several years without a shop master, to which Andy brought stability, professionalism and leadership. During the 8 years with the College, Andy expanded his role well beyond this modest beginning to numerous capacities including lecturer and shop master. Andy raised the bar for the shop through his measured consideration of the resources available and the ever evolving student needs. His hands-on approach and tireless advocacy led to improvements in both the safety and capability of the equipment in the shop, some of which he built himself to keep things affordable. With his desire to make the shop an important resource in the College, he took on new challenges like Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) technology, eventually teaching these new classes himself. Andy's teaching role grew with the addition of a metals course and with his regular contribution to the product design course.

Before joining the College of Architecture, Andy had several other distinguished positions at UNL including Program Head and Senior Lecturer both in Industrial Teacher Education with the Teachers College, now the College of Education and Human Sciences.

He was well known for his love of education at other universities, working at such notable institutions as the California State University at San Bernardino and Central Michigan University. Andy also worked in secondary education with Lincoln Public Schools as their Supervisor of Industrial Technology Education.

Andy's roots with the University began as an undergraduate with UNL. His UNL degrees included a Bachelor's of Science in Industrial Technology Education in 1978, a Masters in Vocational Education in 1983, and a PhD in Administration, Curriculum & Instruction in 1985.

Andy has always been known among his peers as a person with a wonderful imagination and a flare for creative writing. At one time he was employed with The Taunton Press as their associate book editor. During his lifetime he wrote over 26 academic publications and presentations; was editor of 17 books; wrote 34 essays, columns and articles; and authored three books entitled: Saints & Heroes, Building Arts-and Crafts Furniture and Building Entertainment Centers.

In an interview about his fictional book entitled Saints & Heroes he probably best describes his own essence, "I'm passionate about rationality, logic, problem solving, but deep in my heart and body, I also know there are many mysteries beyond this rationality, that its explanations are hollow, that they are facile and superficial Faustian bargains. I'm passionate, even compulsive, about reading and books too are part of those Faustian bargains. In the end you have to put down the books and write the truth."

Andy will be remembered as a friend to everyone, always offering a helping hand, striving to make the College of Architecture the best it could be and having a warm, welcoming smile on his face. Andy's contributions, insightfulness and commitment to the College will be greatly missed.

The memorial service will be held at Butherus, Maser and Love funeral home in Lincoln, NE, on Monday, November 2 at 11 am,
4040 A St, Lincoln, NE 68510, (402) 488-0934.

Kind Regards,

Scott Killinger Interim Dean, College of Architecture
(Contributing Author: Mark Hoistad)