Min | Day’s PNEUMAD on display at Kaneko, Omaha Nebraska

Min | Day’s PNEUMAD on display at Kaneko, Omaha Nebraska

By Jeffrey Day

August 12, 2014


Professor & Architecture Director Jeff Day’s firm Min | Day’s PNEUMAD is part of the exhibition Truck-A-Tecture at KANEKO in Omaha. The show opened on June 27 and runs through August 23, 2014. Public gallery hours are Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm and Saturdays, 1–5pm.

For more information on PNEUMAD, visit Min | Days Site. For exhibition details, visit the KANEKO site.

An opening reception will be held on Friday, June 27 from 6–9pm, with a special symposium featuring exhibition participants from Jeff Day (Min | Day Architects), Wes Jones (Jones, Partners: Architecture), Mark Mack (Mark Mack Architects), and Jennifer Siegal (Office of Mobile Design) beginning at 7pm.

Truck-A-Tecture examines architecture as redefined by mobility and technical expansion. This exhibition will generate a unique conversation and offer a new perspective on modern housing. A mash-up of popular and elite cultures, Truck-A-Tecture will transcend the current definitions of “pre-fab” and “mobile architecture.” Topics of nomadism, transportation, trucking culture and the nature of “home” are among the topics to be explored in this exhibition. Other issues to be considered in this dialogue are sustainability and technological advances that have led many to a leaner, more efficient lifestyle.

Leaders in the filed of architecture will participate, with four firms designing and building full-scale structures. Once complete, these structures will travel to KANEKO from their various locations of construction around the country.

Participating architecture firms:
Jones Partners, Architects – Los Angeles, CA 
Mark Mack Architects – Venice, CA
Min | Day – San Francisco, CA / Omaha, NE
Office of Mobile Design – Venice, CA