FACT Launches Website

FACT Launches Website

By Jeffrey Day

September 13, 2018


The new FACT website has launched: www.factlab.org The site features current and past FACT projects with information about external partners and student participants. The home page highlights selected projects, news and an Instagram feed affording students an opportunity to promote work in progress as well as completed FACT projects. FACT will add more work to the projects archive over the next several weeks.

FACT is the University of Nebraska, College of Architecture's Fabrication And Construction Team. FACT engages creative non-profit clients and communities in collaborations that span design and construction. FACT operates an academic/professional collaborative design lab exploring the complex relationships between thinking (conceiving, designing, theorizing) and making. FACT is a “do-tank”, a lab in which ideas and new knowledge are developed though action as well as thought. Where academic design studios focus on ideation, conceptualization, and presentation, FACT studios focus on the creative opportunities embedded in the development and realization of projects. Such a practice allows production to influence design as much as design directs production. While currently structured as an M.Arch Design/Research Studio, FACT provides opportunities for upper level interior design and landscape architecture students when appropriate.

FACT has won numerous design awards including ACSA’s first national Design Build Award in 2013, the 2016 ACSA Collaborative Practice Award and several national and regional awards from the American Institute of Architects. FACT projects have been published widely. At the core of FACT are projects engaging places of intersection between the production and consumption of culture - where the creators and audiences meet.

FACT was founded in 2001 by Professor Jeffrey L. Day and frequently collaborates with Actual Architecture Company.


FACT & PLAIN are complementary design\build studio initiatives at the UNL.

PLAIN & FACT work together on occasion and alternate years to provide students with consistent opportunities to experience design\build studios in the Master of Architecture Program. PLAIN is run by Assoc. Professor Jason Griffiths.