Faculty Exhibit work at Omaha Public Library

Faculty Exhibit work at Omaha Public Library

By Kerry McCulloug...

January 5, 2016

Exhibit by Emily Andersen

Lecturers Emily Andersen and Geoff DeOld’s firm DeOld Andersen Architecture has speculations on the public right-of-way included in “Public Public,” an exhibition examining pubic space in public places through the lens of art/architectural interventions and investigations. The architects write: "Provocation can play an important role in asking big questions about the city. Our city does not have a strong sense of settlement or organization around public space. As a result, the city is a collection of private properties connected by roads in the public right of way. What if that public right of way were reimagined as a place for people and uses that are public?"

“Public Public” is curated by Alex Priest and is on view at the Omaha Public Library in the Michael Phipps Gallery through December 27th.