International Competition Recognizes Work of UNL Architecture Student

International Competition Recognizes Work of UNL Architecture Student

By Kerry McCulloug...

October 7, 2019

Seed Lottery

The College of Architecture is pleased to announce Master of Architecture student Nathan Gradoville’s competition submission was recently named a Commended Entry in the Architizer One Drawing Challenge. His entry originated from Associate Professor Brian M. Kelly’s design research studio during the fall of 2018. His entry, titled “Seed Lottery”, was one of 10 Commended entries selected by a jury from a short list of 100, narrowed from a total of 484 global submissions.

In detail, Gradoville describes the vision of his project and the inspiration behind it.

“The Seed Lottery is held once every spring and provides the farmers of the surrounding region with seed for the upcoming growing season. In a future where agriculture is controlled by the government, seed is delivered via GPS controlled vessels which are ejected from a repurposed Atlas F Missile Silo. The delivery process became extremely popular because of its carnivalesque characteristics. The government, taking advantage of this opportunity, built a stadium over the silo and created the greatest spectacle of the plains,” said Gradoville.

“With its growing popularity, this small institution has become a large establishment with high security and a nationally large fan base. In order to keep the show afloat, much labor is needed within the silo to keep the massive crowd above satisfied. The celebratory atmosphere of the stadium and the gritty entourage within the silo is segmented by the ground plane providing different perspectives of the event.”

Also among the 100 shortlisted entries was the work of Ian Jones whose submission was generated in Kelly’s design research studio as well.

“This design research studio, which is investigating the topic of copyright and fair use in the discipline of architecture, was a great experience for me as an instructor. Students were engaged and hardworking, and the projects generated were exceptional. Nate’s recognition demonstrates our students’ ability to compete successfully on an international level.”

According to competition organizers, students who were awarded the 10 commended entries will receive a prize package full of analog and digital drawing tools. They will also be included in the top 100 drawings featured in their first “One Drawing” eBook, to be distributed to thousands of architecture firms via their newsletter and social media channels.

More information on the competition and winners can be found here.