NCARB report demonstrates high success rate of Nebraska

NCARB report demonstrates high success rate of Nebraska

By Kerry McCulloug...

July 17, 2015

The College of Architecture is pleased to announce the latest results from the National Council of Architectural Registration Board's NCARB by the Numbers 2015 report. The data reflects numbers under NCARB's Nebraska jurisdiction.

This year's report explores the statistics of aspiring architects on the path to licensure in an effort to provide a comprehensive picture of the profession. Major findings in the 2015 report include success rate of the Architecture Registration Examination (ARE) and the average number of years it took for them after the completion of the Intern Development Program (IDP). There are good indications of successful architecture education. Both the IDP and ARE are required exams to obtain architectural licensure.

According to the report, Nebraska ranks 2nd among all 54 U.S. jurisdictions with an ARE success rate score of 79% with only Oregon ranking higher at 80% while the national average is 65%.

Nebraska also scored favorably for completion of the IDP with a score of 17% compared to the national average of 13%. As for years to complete the IDP and ARE, Nebraska fared well with an average 2.1 years for the ARE and 4.4 years for the IDP, both well below the national average.

According to NCARB, "The latest data indicates progress in several key areas, which all lead to a single, positive conclusion—the architecture profession is not simply healthy, but thriving."

"We are very excited about these numbers and what it means to our students. Even though the data is a reflection of the Nebraska jurisdiction, it is also an affirmation of the quality curriculum we provide our students," commented Jeffrey L. Day, Director of the Architecture program with the College of Architecture. "Our College is the only Architecture accredited program in Nebraska. I believe the report results are a great indicator of the quality of our faculty, alumni and students."