Perry Kulper Gives Next Hyde Lecture

Perry Kulper Gives Next Hyde Lecture

By Kerry McCulloug...

January 20, 2017

Perry Kulper

The College of Architecture is pleased to announce Perry Kulper, Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Michigan, will be the next Hyde speaker giving a lecture entitled, "Cosmologies."

For this lecture, Kulper will be using examples from his and his students’ work to explore the roles and capacities of representation, the design dexterity that can come from an understanding of diverse design methods and the need to increase conceptual breadth in architecture. Kulper will discuss other key areas useful in his thinking and work including the naming problem, language folds, the use of analogous thinking, tailored visualizations and the possibility of working on heterogeneous project ideas.

In addition to his tenure with the University of Michigan, he spent 17 years as a faculty member of SCI-Arc and held visiting teaching positions at the University of Pennsylvania and Arizona State University. Subsequent to his graduate studies at Columbia University, Kulper worked in the offices of Eisenman/ Robertson, Robert A.M. Stern and Venturi, Rauch and Scott Brown before moving to Los Angeles.

Kulper’s interests include the generative potential of architectural drawing, the outrageously different spatial opportunities of diverse design methods and broadening the conceptual range by which architecture contributes to the cultural imagination. He has recently published Pamphlet Architecture 34, ‘Fathoming the Unfathomable: Archival Ghosts and Paradoxical Shadows’ with Nat Chard. They are at work on a new book to be published by Routledge.

Kulper’s lecture will be held in Richards Hall, Room 15, UNL city campus, Wednesday, January, 25th at 4 pm.