SGH + Dri-Design Scholarship Awarded

SGH + Dri-Design Scholarship Awarded

By Kerry McCulloug...

December 15, 2015

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For many College of Architecture students the highlight of the semester might be the last day of class or at the end of their final review, but for at least for David Alcala and Joshua Puppe one could speculate that it was last Friday when they earned the Honor Award for the SGH + Dri-Design Scholarship for their project entitled "Ephemerality - St. Josephs Catholic Church." A crowd of faculty and architecture students assembled in the Architecture Hall Link to hear the big announcement.

One of the review critics commented, “The fact we are picking apart one small component of this project is telling. We really have no other major issues with this project. They got the big picture with this one.”

Other finalists included Kevin Baitey and Natalia Ortiz, and Adam Heier and Jon Magruder! Congratulations on a job well done everyone!