Tang Published in Several Journals

Tang Published in Several Journals

By Kerry McCulloug...

November 12, 2015

Prof Tang

The College of Architecture is pleased to announce Community and Regional Planning Professor Zhenghong Tang’s most recent publications.

1. The journal, Nat Hazards, published an article entitled “Examining the role of social media in California’s drought risk management in 2014.” The article explores governmental agencies' use of social media as a tool for risk assessment and response.

2. Wetlands published an article entitled “Examining Playa Wetland Inundation Conditions or National Wetland Inventory, Soil Survey Geographic Database, and LiDAR Data.”
The article analyzes and examines the correlation of the three datasets with wetland inundation and hydric vegetation coverage conditions.

3. Ocean & Coastal Management published Zhenghong’s paper entitled “Variations in tidal flats of the Changjiang (Yangtze) estuary during 1950s-2010s: Future crisis and policy implication.” Tidal flat, is a critical natural resource for coastal ecosystem and plays a tremendous role in coastal sustainable development. However, most tidal flats in the world are facing serious challenges from both natural change and anthropogenic activities. This article takes a closer look at those issues and explores possible solutions.

4. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management published “Evaluating Internet-based public participation GIS (PPGIS) and volunteered geographic information (VGI) in environmental planning and management.”
This study explores the use of GIS (PPGIS) and VGI with citizen scientists and their rate of data contribution along with public engagement efforts. The technology provides a new information platform for decision makers and general citizens to quickly obtain nearby environmental information which can then be used to influence public policy.

Congratulations Prof. Zhenghong Tang on these great accomplishments!