Hello! My name is Samiraa Amani, and I’m a second year interior design student. I transferred here from UNO last year and officially began my journey in design. I do plan on going on to get a graduate degree in architecture, but this is the life of an interior design student! How exciting!

As a child, I was always drawing “blueprints” of my dream home. I would also be extremely picky any time my parents would redecorate the house growing up. I didn’t think much of it at first, but during my freshman year of college, I began to realize that I just love the idea of creating an environment and impacting people and I can do that now by designing spaces!


This Tuesday we presented our final boards to the interior design faculty and staff, as well as the C.Y. Thompson Library staff. This project was about reimagining and redesigning the C.Y.Thompson Library. My partner and I were very excited as it all started to come together! We actually got really good and POSITIVE feedback, which doesn’t usually happen. It was a real confidence booster that could just maybe get me through the next few days!

Nov. 05

Last week our materials class took a tour of Midwest Tile and Stone, a natural stone wholesaler. It was fun seeing all of the different kinds of marble and granite. It’s pretty neat how each piece is naturally unique! I also enjoyed the fact that they had pet cats roaming around with us. Very cute.

Also for materials class, we are starting to actually order samples and specify different materials from different companies for our applied project. We are choosing an area in C Y Thompson Library on East Campus to redesign, focusing on improving acoustics and interaction with the collections in the library. My group visited the materials library in Architecture Hall to get inspiration for the different materials to use as well!

Oct. 31

Hi guys! It feels like it’s been a while. So let’s catch up! Our studio projects for P2 are finished! This week we finished our last gesture models, put together our final boards and had our final reviews on Monday. It was so exciting to see it all finally come together and to bring the project to life! As usual, there were some printing problems, but that’s just a reminder that I need to stop procrastinating! The formal critique went pretty well, but it’s always important to always keep pushing forward. I realized that I was playing it safe this round, so going into P3, I want to be more bold with my designs.

(Also if you want to know more about my design, I should be posting about it soon on Instagram @samiraart_ )

Oct. 18

We all know what writers block is, right? Well I suffered through some major designers block last week. But there’s nothing you can do because that’s no excuse here! All I could do was continue to push through and do my best. Excuse my craft, but this was the first model I made in a long time! I am constantly changing my design for this special intervention for the Link in Arch Hall, and that’s pretty normal. While I’m having trouble with the actual design right now, I am enjoying representing the designs in different ways!

In my materials class, we had a representative from 3Form come by, and we got to experience all of the different materials they offer and the many uses for them! I found their cool colors and finishes mesmerizing.

Oct. 8

So this week in studio we have started to design spatial interventions for the Link in Architecture Hall. The primary functions for our designs should display, inform and/or direct. We are moving quickly with sketches, ideas and models! What’s really cool is all the different forms were working in. I have to have my trace paper, my laptop, and chipboard with me every day!

In my structural fundamentals class we just had the “Catwalk” challenge where we tested our suspended structures. We were challenged to take a 18” x 18” cube, transfer a golf ball from the top 4” on one side to the bottom 4” on any other side. The structure must be in tension and should include a vertical or horizontal “jog”.

Oct. 3

This week in studio, we finished up our models of the Link in Arch Hall, which was WAY more complicated than I thought it would be. But hopefully, our future design models will fit nicely into them. Then, we started to make circulation, program, volume and material diagrams of the Link onto trace paper using plans, sections and axonometric drawings. It was fun but it got messy really quick, with all of the layers of trace paper. There's a lot of thinking in this stage of designing, and I'm excited to see what the next phase brings!

Other cool opportunities, a representative from Interface (the world's largest designer and maker of carpet tile) gave a presentation to my materials class and brought fun samples of their products! This is actually a picture that's printed on paper, but it looks so realistic-like real carpet! I thought it was very cool.

I went to a Lunch and Learn on Wednesday, where a UNL alumnae talked about her career path and products from Soelberg Industries. They have some really interesting designs!