Student Blog - Andrew Goldsmith

Hello everyone, my name is Andrew Goldsmith. I am a third-year architecture major and landscape architecture minor from Lincoln, NE.

I am currently in Marc Maxey’s Dis-Urban studio. I also serve as the president of the College of Architecture’s professional fraternity Alpha Rho Chi. I went into design because I love to examine the dichotomies of life. My hobbies include purposely contradicting myself, having a good laugh, eating, and riding my bike. I’m lactose intolerant, but my favorite food is ice cream. I have some pretty cool architecture projects on my portfolio website: Go on now git and check it out.

Oct. 22:

These past few weeks have been full of thrift shopping, physical modeling, woodworking and painting, as we have been constructing our unique and fantastical junkspace models. The models are just what they sound like: junk put together to create space. The project was an interesting change of pace for our studio, offering up an unfamiliar way to conceive conventional aspects of architectural representation, such as the section model. We are moving into projection mapping so stay tuned for more exciting developments!

Oct. 4:

Our Dis-Urban Studio finished up our second project this past week and had our drawings pinned up in the New Crit space. What I believe has been most important about our project drawings is that we have each explored unique, conceptual and possibly controversial perspectives of subjects so integrated into daily urban life. We looked at the harsh realities of the fast-fashion industry on third world countries’ economies and examined the second death of XXXTentacion on social media. We looked at how gay love can become architectural and how Salt Bae is changing the landscape of internet fame. It’s really amazing that we were able to research and contribute to conversations of contemporary issues, rather than stick to what is safe or continue to ignore injustice and significant paradoxes that impact society. I’m looking forward to starting our third project, as we work to design a headquarters for the Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI).

Sept. 18:

It’s been a busy week in the Architecture Program. There is a lot of exciting activity happening in Architecture Hall as second-year studios are gearing up for PARK(ing) Day this Friday. My studio, Marc Maxey’s Dis-Urban studio, is currently working on representation of our design research through an axon drawing. Through this drawing, we are examining material realities of different subjects of urbanism (love, health, retail, labor, etc.) and our own programmatic intervention into the spaces of these subjects of study. We have been doing research for a month so we are very knowledgeable about our topics, many of us exploring the more conceptual aspects of urban theory. What a time to be alive! Updates to follow…