Student Blog -by Ashlynn Engelhard

Hi! My name is Ashlynn Engelhard, and I’m currently a second year interior design student! I’m originally from Cortland, Nebraska, a small town about half an hour south of Lincoln. I attended Norris High School and graduated in 2017. Follow my journey and see what it's like to be an interior design student!


When I think about why I decided to study interior design, I usually don’t have a true, specific answer. Thinking back when I was in elementary school, I remember I really wanted to be a teacher. A few years later, I realized it was only to design the classroom. From there my interest in design grew, but there’s still no real answer to why it stuck around. Going into my junior year of high school I wanted to take part in a unique summer opportunity, so I decided to participate in the College of Architecture’s High School Summer Workshop. We spent a week on campus ideating, drawing and touring countless buildings downtown. From then on, I knew not only interior design was right for me, but the College of Architecture was exactly where I wanted to spend my time growing.

Since beginning college, I’ve gotten involved even deeper within the school itself. I joined the American Society of Interior Designers my freshman year, I’m a College of Architecture Student Ambassador and now I’m here writing blog posts every week sharing my experiences, workflow, late nights and love for design.

I cannot wait to see what this academic year will bring! Follow along on the College of Architecture website and social media pages to keep up with myself and other incredible students all year long!

Oct. 15

Hi, everyone! This week has been pretty busy as third year interiors has been finishing up the research stage of our new project. We’ve all been looking into various areas of biophilic design, and we spent Friday presenting the results we discovered to our peers. During this busy week, I managed to take a class at Innovation Studios on screen-printing. I know am able to screen-print whenever I’d like to, and even walked away with my own mac and cheese print! A win-win to me! We’re so close to fall break, I hope everyone has a relaxing and rejuvenating break wherever you find yourself! Only 73 days until Christmas!

Aug. 26

Hi, everybody, welcome back to school! I’m so excited to be back at Arch Hall and meet all the new students in our program! It’s crazy to be a third year now (halfway done!!). Thinking about my d.ONE self, I’d love to go back and remind myself and my friends more often that school is important, but we’re much more than simply students. We are also daughters/sons, sisters/brothers, participants in clubs and activities, and exactly ourselves. Our well-being as students is important, and I plan to nurture it even more so this year. Here’s to hoping everyone has a wonderful start of the semester, and say hey if you ever happen to see me around!

Nov. 16

We’re are less than a week out from Thanksgiving break and things are really starting to get moving with our third project! We went on a site visit earlier this week to really get a feel for the size of space we are working with. The building is currently being renovated as a residential space, which is an interesting contrast between our very public bath houses we are designing. Since the site visit, we’ve been ideating, sketching, drawing and really pushing our designs to see what can and cannot work. On Friday we will be having a pin-up to receive some great critique before the break. Hope everyone has a great week, and don’t forget there are only 41 days until Christmas!

Nov. 7

We’re only about five weeks out from the end of the semester which seems so crazy! Our third project in studio started this week and we’ve been introducing the topic as well as getting floor plans, sections, diagrams, etc. rolled out and ready to start manipulating. We are beginning to think about a modern public bathhouse located in downtown Lincoln. In addition to our studio project, we also had a project to finish for structures class this week! It was named “The Pasta Passage”, and we had to create a bridge made of uncooked pasta for a can to roll across! Our team had fun incorporating all the topics we’d learned in class so far, AND it even works! Sadly, the pasta will be pretty unusable after this. Hope everyone had a great Halloween last week, and as a nice reminder, there are only 48 days until Christmas!

Oct. 31

Happy Wednesday! Second year interiors wrapped up with our second project yesterday, and it’s been a great time being able to reflect on the past four weeks and all our hard work. It was our first time participating in a formal critique, so it was a tad nerve-racking, but we made it through! The project focused on interventions within the Link, aka the common space within Architecture Hall. Many lessons were learned not only about design and board layout etc., but also with time management and craft, as well. It’s crazy to think we’ll be starting our third and final project of the semester this week! Tomorrow we’ll find out the next topic, but until then, I’m going to catch up on my scary movies and eat more candy than necessary.

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Oct. 24
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At this point, I’m not even sure what week it is, but it’s our first full week back after fall break! It was a very restful time, but now it’s time to get back into the swing of things again! This week for our materials class, second-year, interior design toured TMCO Metal + Art in downtown Lincoln. The equipment and facilities allow them to manufacture and create all their own products. It was great to see where our designs go when they’re ready to enter the real world. This next Monday is our final review for our second project in studio. It so crazy to think of how fast time flies! I wanted to photograph my models together, the newest iteration at the top, to show the increasing level of craft and intentionality as time progresses throughout studio. This is only a small part of the actual intervention I will be proposing, but I’m excited to share next week how our critiques go! If you’ve read this far, only 63 more days until Christmas!

Oct. 9

Another week another time for critique! This week has been busy as we have been digging into our initial designs and creating more iterations. We finally started creating models this week as well as drawing out how they would appear in plans, sections and elevations. We’ve also been looking at various precedents to spark more inspiration. It’s so exciting to watch everyone start bringing their ideas to life.

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Last week was the College Open House, and we all had a fantastic time getting to know potential students and showing them around our building! One of my favorite parts was the student activity at the end of the afternoon, where students had to create a structure for an imaginary camp. Their quick ideation was impressive!

Overall, it’s been a great week as we continue exploring our current ideas in studio and reflecting on our design goals!

Oct. 2

What an exciting week, we are finally getting to start our interventions and designs! We’re a couple weeks into our second project for studio and just finished up doing preliminary research and diagramming. We had a pin-up the other day to discuss some work, and this morning we all went out to the Link to map out different circulation paths and programmatic space. By Friday we will have some basic models to communicate our ideas!

In the meantime, the College of Architecture Open House is this Friday! We’re all getting ready to welcome some potential new students, as well as their families, and share our studios and projects with them. Overall, it’s an exciting time for the college as the semester keeps rolling and we all get closer and closer to finished projects! Stay tuned, maybe you’ll get to see your favorite cereal brand box turned into a model!

Sept. 24

It’s week six, and I’m having a pretty healthy lunch of M&Ms and chocolate chips this afternoon. All by choice, of course. We found out our new studio project last week which is to design an intervention of sorts for the Link in Architecture Hall. We’ve been put into groups and over the weekend had to build a site model of the Link to eventually hold our designs. As you can see, ours is truly very structurally sound (false), but we’re really beginning to learn how to solve problems on our own. It’s always pretty exciting to keep learning in the woodshop too. We’ll start some diagram work this week as well as some quick ideation and model building, so be sure to keep updated on upcoming posts!

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Sept 19th:

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We just finished week four here and things are trucking right along! It finally feels like a routine is forming as far as classes and workload go. This week we had a couple interesting projects and class opportunities. All second year interior design and architecture students are taking a structures course. We were challenged to create a stool out of recycled materials that is easily transportable and can hold 250 pounds. My team and I decided to use cardboard and an interlocking method. It managed to hold up, even though we were incredibly nervous! In class we all presented our stools and surprisingly only one broke under the pressure (it made for a hilarious video)! For second year interior design many of us also attended a fun tour this week of Archrival, a creative marketing agency in Downtown Lincoln. It was great to finally spend time with my new peers outside of studio and Architecture Hall! Next week we’re starting a new studio project, so be sure to keep checking back for new and exciting updates!